How Is Laser Produced?

Laser generation The English name of laser is the abbreviation of “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”, which means “amplification of light through stimulated radiation”. Laser, like radio wave and microwave, has wave-particle duality; However, the generation mechanism of the laser is different from that of ordinary light, which determines that it has better …

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What Is HSK Tool System?

HSK tool shank is a new type of high-speed short taper tool shank developed by the Machine Tool Research Institute of Ahern University of Technology (see Fig. 8-57). Its structural characteristics are hollow, thin-walled, short taper, and the taper is 1:10; The end face and cone face are positioned and clamped at the same time, and …

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What Is High Speed Milling Tool System?

High speed machining (HSM) is a high-tech processing technology integrating material science, engineering mechanics, mechanical dynamics and manufacturing science. It has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace and mechanical processing industries. As we all know, high-speed milling plays a very important role in high-speed machining. It is understood that 40% of high-speed machining comes …

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What Is TMG Tool System?

The modular tool system (see Fig. 8-27) is to separate the tool handle and the working part, make serialized modules respectively, and then assemble a set of modular tools with different purposes and specifications through the intermediate module. In this way, it is not only convenient for manufacturing, but also convenient for use and storage, greatly …

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