11 Typical Products of Face Milling Cutter And Their Applications

What are the excellent products of face milling cutter? Let’s have a look.

(1) Sentai inger milling cutter

1. SN12 face milling cutter

(1) Product introduction:

SN12 face milling cutter (see Fig 4-15) is a 45 ° main deflection angle universal milling cutter of Sentai inger, which is suitable for medium and heavy milling of steel and cast iron.

Conventional products cover the diameter range of φ50 ~ φ315mm, especially suitable for the processing of cast iron.

SN12 face milling cutter

Fig. 4-15 SN12 face milling cutter

(2) Main features and advantages

1) The blade is equipped with 1.5mm polishing edge, with good machining surface quality;

The blade is designed with convex chip separation surface and positive front angle groove, excellent chip breaking and light cutting.

2) The blade has 8 edges on both sides, which not only has sufficient strength, but also has high economy.

3) The fixed torque taper locating surface locking screw is adopted to greatly improve the installation reliability and comprehensive performance.

4) The special surface treatment has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, wear resistance, smooth surface, smooth chip removal and beautiful appearance.

5) It is widely used in metal cutting industries such as automobile processing and engineering machinery processing, and has more economic advantages in mass production.

(3) Application examples

1) Tool: FM45-160SN12.

2) Blade: SNEU1206ANEN-EM_EC3215.

3) Part: joint surface of cylinder block and cylinder head.

4) Material: cast iron.

5) Machine tool: Machining Center (BT50 handle).

6) Cutting parameters: vc=300m/min, fz=0.26mm/z, ap=2.5mm, ae=100mm.

7) Results: competitor blade life: 130 ~ 135 pieces / blade;

Service life of Sentai inger blade: 220 ~ 230 pieces / blade.

2. FMW75 face milling cutter

(1) Product introduction:

Fmw-**SP15-75 series face milling cutter (see Fig. 4-16) is a 75 ° main deflection angle universal milling cutter of Sentai inger, which is suitable for heavy and medium-sized processing.

The structure of wedge pressing and adjustable tool holder is adopted, and the S-shaped blade has four effective cutting edges.

Conventional products cover the diameter range of φ80 ~ φ500mm.

It has a good reputation in machining accuracy, efficiency and economy.

FMW-**SP15-75 series face milling cutter

Fig. 4-16 FMW-**SP15-75 series face milling cutter

(2) Main features and advantages

1) Wedge pressing structure is adopted, with large clamping force, safety and reliability.

The cutter has many teeth and high cutting efficiency.

It is suitable for medium and heavy cutting.

2) The adjustable structure design ensures the accuracy of the cutting tool, improves the machining surface quality and the service life of the blade.

When the surface quality requirements are high, the polishing blade can also be selected.

3) The S-shaped non perforated blade has four effective cutting edges to ensure the strength and economy of the blade.

This product is widely used in machining.

(3) Application examples

1) Part: bed.

2) Material: HT250 (200HBW).

3) Machine tool: Machining Center (BT50 handle).

4) Tool: FMW-200SP15-75(SPKN1504EDTR EP1220).

5) Cutting parameters: vc=100m/min, fz=0.5mm/z, ap=6mm, ae=160mm.

6) Results: Sentai inger cutting tools were 80 pieces / blade, and a foreign brand cutting tools were 76 pieces / blade.

3. FMA90-**LD15 face milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

FMA90-**LD15 series face milling cutter (see Fig. 4-17) is a new and improved universal milling cutter with 90 ° main deflection angle, which is suitable for light and medium processing of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and difficult to machine materials.

FMA90-**LD15 series face milling cutter

Fig. 4-17 FMA90-**LD15 series face milling cutter

The product covers the diameter range of φ40 ~ φ160mm.

Compared with apmt16 series cutters with large market share, this cutter has strong cost performance advantages.

(2) Main features and advantages

1) The use of imported accessories greatly improves the installation reliability and comprehensive performance of milling tools.

2) The unique blade and cutter geometric angle design avoids the mismatch between the design of milling cutter and the performance of milling cutter blade.

3) The blade has good impact resistance and can withstand large feed and back feed, thus greatly improving the processing efficiency.

4) The main deflection angle of 90 ° makes it occupy a larger market in special processing fields such as limited space.

(3) Application examples

1) Material: 45 steel (300 ~ 350HBW).

2) Machine tool: Machining Center (BT50 handle).

3) Tool: FMA90-80LD15(刀片LDMT1504PDSR-EM EP1220).

4) Cutting parameters: vc=130m/min, fz=0.2mm/z, ap=3mm, ae=30mm.

5) Result: Sentai inger tool 1814.4cm ³/ Blade (metal removal); Competitor cutter: 950.4cm ³/ Blade (metal removal).

(2) Aoketai SNGX series milling cutter

Auctec SNGX series products are shown in Fig. 4-18.

SNGX processing diagram

Fig. 4-18 SNGX processing diagram

(1) RR2 groove

1) Product features: suitable for cutting under unstable working conditions, mainly used for cast iron processing, and also suitable for steel parts.

2) Recommended material: AP351K/AP351U.

(2) MR6 groove

1) Product features: high cutting edge strength, used for cutting under unstable working conditions.

2) Recommended material: AP351U/AP351K/AP301U.

(3) MM4 groove

1) Product features: the first choice is the groove shape, which is used for processing steel parts, cast iron, stainless steel, high-temperature alloy and other materials.

2) Recommended material: AP351U/AP351K/AP301U/AC301P/AC301K.

(4) MM3 groove

1) Product features:

Sharp cutting edge, mainly used for semi precision to finish machining;

Low cutting force.

2) Recommended material:


(5) FM2 groove

1) Product features:

Sharp cutting edge;

First recommendation:

Non ferrous materials, aluminum and aluminum alloys;

Low cutting force.

2) Recommended material: AW100k.

(3) Wald indexable face milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

It adopts aluminum alloy and steel bimetal design, with light weight and high strength, and its service life is generally several times that of the conventional aluminum alloy cutter head;

The preset position surface can make the blade position quickly, and the positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm, meeting the use requirements of customers without preset equipment;

The adjustment structure is simple and easy to use, and can be fine adjusted within 0.1mm.

The whole disc blade can be easily adjusted to the accuracy within 0.002mm;

The blade is easy to install, and can be installed with blades with different main deflection angles;

The blade adopts the design of separating the locating surface and the back cutting surface, and the locating datum is unique and long-lasting;

Double headed blade design, can be repeatedly polished, economical and practical;

A variety of blade edge forms and main deflection angles are designed.

Different blade combinations can meet the requirements of various working conditions for end milling and square shoulder milling (see Fig. 4-19).

indexable face milling cutter

Fig. 4-19 indexable face milling cutter

(2) Application examples

1) Part: cylinder head cover (see Fig. 4-20).

cylinder head cover

Fig. 4-20 cylinder head cover

2) Workpiece material: AlSi9Cu3.

3) Application: finishing.

4) Processing effect (see table 4-9): the service life is increased by 20%;

The processing efficiency is increased by 2.2 times.

Table 4-9 comparison of processing effects

Blade material  Original PCD cutter headWald PCD knife disc PD10E
The knife dish typeAluminum alloy cutter headFMP63SA22-BE12-10
The blade specificationsKnife clip typeBEHW1204EZTR1
cutting times21
Number of teeth510
Processing quantity/piece1000012000

(4) Zhuzhou Diamond new generation high economic universal face milling cutter

1. Hurricane FMA07 series.

Ultra high economy and lowest single piece cost (see Fig. 4-21).

hurricane FMA07 series blades

Fig. 4-21 hurricane FMA07 series blades

(1) Tool characteristics

1) Double sided octagonal blade design, each blade has 16 cutting edges.

2) The special structure design makes the cutter safer and more impact resistant.

3) It has good self-healing performance, especially in the case of large feed.

4) The unique hole shape design ensures that the blade is clamped in the groove stably and reliably.

(2) Application fields:

FMA07 series cutters are mainly used for surface milling and semi finishing of parts and components in general machinery, automobile, mold and other industries, and are applicable to plane machining without special angle requirements for side walls.

(3) Typical application cases of Hurricane FMA07 series milling cutter:

Case analysis and comparison are shown in table 4-10.

Table 4-10 application case analysis and comparison

Workpiece: pump coverMaterial: HT300240HBW 
cutterFMA07-125-B40-ON08-08A similar product of company A
href=”javascript:;” groove shapePM
shop sign ap/mm YBD152
Back cutting depth4~54~5
Radial cutting depth ae/mm6060
Cutting speed Vc/(m/min)120120
Spindle speed n/(r/min)305305
Number of teeth88
Feed rate fz/(mm/z)0.20.2
Feed speed Vf (mm/min)488488
Machining number per blade/piece1750900

Customer evaluation: the tool has good economy, convenient clamping and reliable positioning.

2.FMA11 series face milling cutter

It is widely used in surface milling and chamfering of steel and cast iron parts (see Fig. 4-22).

FMA11 series face milling cutter

Fig. 4-22 FMA11 series face milling cutter

(1) Tool characteristics

1) Double sided groove milling insert, 8 cutting edges, good economy.

2) The blade has a large front angle design and a unique groove structure, so the power consumption of the machine tool is low.

3) The double negative structure of the tool and the extra thick blade make the tool safer and have good overall impact resistance.

4) The blade is equipped with a polishing blade, which has good machining surface quality.

(2) Application cases

1) Processing material: 45 steel (25HRC).

2) Tool used: FMA11-125-B40-SN15-08.

3) Blade used: YBC302/SNEG1506ANR-GM.

4) Cutting parameters: vc=270m/min, fz=0.2mm/z, ap=3mm, ae=85mm.

5) Machining machine: horizontal machining center.

(3) The comparison of cutting forces is shown in Fig. 4-23 and Fig. 4-24.

cutting effect of a company's products

Fig. 4-23 cutting effect of a company’s products

FMA11 cutting effect

Fig. 4-24 FMA11 cutting effect

(5) Shangao milling cutter

1. Double OctomilltmTM shangao double sided King milling cutter

Double OctomilltmTM double sided king is a milling cutter integrating processing performance and economy.

Each blade has 16 cutting edges and a unique high-precision blade positioning system (see Fig. 4-25), which provides consistent high-quality machining results on the basis of hardened positioning pins.

It can be used as both rough machining tool and finish machining tool.

It is mainly used in the processing of cast iron, steel parts and stainless steel parts.

double octomilltmTM double sided King milling cutter blade and positioning system

Fig. 4-25 double octomilltmTM double sided King milling cutter blade and positioning system

Product features:

1) Diameter range φ 80~ φ 315mm。

2) Fixed blade base, adjustable blade base, sparse teeth, dense teeth and super dense tooth pitch.

3) Blade type: ON. 09, ON. 05.

4) The maximum effective front angle is 9 °.

5) The maximum back cutting amount is 6mm.

6) The runout is 10 ~ 20μm or less. The only patented blade holder design of Yamaguchi.

2. High speed leopard milling cutter quattromill ®  

It is the first choice for plane milling.

Quattromill® is a high-performance plane milling cutter with a 45 ° main deflection angle of square blade (see Fig. 4-26).

This type of milling cutter is very light and fast. It can process all materials and be used for unstable working conditions.

quick leopard milling cutter Quattromill®

Fig. 4-26 quick leopard milling cutter Quattromill®

Product features:

1) There are steel cutter body and aluminum alloy cutter body.

2) Economical direct pressing blade and ground high-precision blade.

3) The blade has its own polishing blade design.

4) The compound tool pad technology can effectively protect the tool body and reduce the tool accessories.

5) The blades include SE09, SE12 and SE15.

The blades 09, 12 and 15 can share the same tool body by changing the tool holder.

6) The unique locking screw design can directly and conveniently replace the blade edge on the machine tool.

7) Sparse tooth, conventional tooth, dense tooth and super dense tooth type design.

(6) Walter milling cutter

1. Blaxx heavy-duty cutting milling cutter M3016

(1) Product introduction.

Walter blaxx heavy-duty cutting milling cutter M3016 also adopts tiger · tec ®  Silver technology. The blade materials include WKP25S and WKP35S of CVD chemical coating and WKK25S and WSP45S of PVD physical coating, which are suitable for the processing of steel and cast iron.

The stable tangential indexable blade provides high process reliability, and the stop can effectively protect the blade body when the blade breaks (see Fig. 4-27).

heavy load cutting milling cutter M3016 has high metal removal rate

Fig. 4-27 heavy load cutting milling cutter M3016 has high metal removal rate

a) M3016 milling cutter

b) Processing site drawing

Each indexable blade has 4 cutting edges, so M3016 can reduce the tool cost and improve the metal removal rate.

The positive groove shape ensures light cutting, and the rounded blade achieves maximum stability.

This new tool is especially suitable for rough machining of workpieces with large cutting volume, achieving the highest metal removal rate on all steel and cast iron materials.

(2) Application examples

1) Part: Kaplan turbine blade.

2) Workpiece material:1.4313X3CrNiMo13-4 + VT 78*.

3) Machine tool: TOS Kurim,15kW,DIN 69871 SK50.

4) Milling cutter: M3016-125-B40-06-16,κr= 60°.

5) Milling insert: LNMX201012R-F57T WSP45S.

6) Milling cutter diameter: φ125mm,Number of teeth:z=6.

7) Application: rough milling plane.

8) Cutting parameters: ap=3.5~15mm,vc=135-175m/min,fz=0.23~0.34mm/z,vf= 355~900m/min,ae=75~112.5mm.

9) Processing effect: the service life of the blade is 60min, and the processing of two workpieces is completed.

Compared with the tool used before, the machining efficiency is increased by 30% and the machining life is increased by 100%.

2. Walter blaxx seven corner cutter M3024

(1) Product introduction.

Tiger·tec ®  Silver blade technology improves metal removal rate and reduces tool cost.

The new Walter blaxx seven corner cutter M3024 (see Fig. 4-28) can achieve high metal removal rate even on machine tools with weak power by virtue of its positive light cutting characteristics.

Each indexable blade has 14 cutting edges, reducing tool costs.

The cemented carbide tool pad provides the best support to ensure the maximum safety during high feed;

At the same time, with stable negative indexable blade, high process reliability can be easily realized.

blaxx seven corner cutter

Fig. 4-28 blaxx seven corner cutter

a) Blade

b) Milling cutter M3024

c) Machined parts

Walt blaxx seven point cutter with CVD chemical coating tiger · tec ®  Silver blade material (WKP25S and WKP35S) is suitable for processing steel and cast iron materials.

In addition, there are three PVD physical coating materials (WSM35S, WKK25S and WSP45S) for processing steel, cast iron and stainless steel.

It is recommended to use this tool for machining turbocharger or turbine blade.

(2) Application examples

1) Part: turbocharger housing.

2) Workpiece material: G-X 40 CrNiSi 25 12 (1.4837).

3) Machine tool: SW BA600 double spindle machine tool, tool handle: HSK-63A.

4) Milling cutter: M3024-063-B22-06-04.

5) Milling insert: XNMU0705ANN-F57 WSP45S.

6) Milling cutter diameter: φ 63mm, number of teeth: z=6.

7) Application: milling plane and flange face.

8) Cutting parameters: ap=3.5mm, vc=169m/min, fz=0.25mm/z, ae=40mm.

9) Processing effect: the service life of the blade is 60 pieces. The machining efficiency is 20% higher than that of the previously used tools, and the tool life is 50%.

(7) Sandvik chroman milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

CoroMill ®  415 is a new type of small diameter, high feed face milling cutter (see Fig. 4-29).

High metal removal rate and 4 cutting edge blades make it a true solution with high economy and high production efficiency;

The ilocktm interface ensures that the coromill ®  415 provides reliable and safe performance.

CoroMill® 415

Fig. 4-29 CoroMill® 415

(2) Advantages

1) Thanks to the high metal removal rate and 4 cutting edge blades, the cost of a single part is lower and the production efficiency is higher (see Fig. 4-30).

415 blade

Fig. 4-30 415 blade

2) CoroMill415® with iLocktm is a reliable solution to help customers reduce the number of scrap workpieces.

Reliable and safe performance.

3) Multifunctional cutting tools are widely used.

4)CoroMill ®  415 can be used with Coromant eh interface and silent toolstm damping extension rod to realize vibration free machining and high reliability, and greatly improve productivity.

(3) Structural features

1) The unique iLocktm blade holder interface provides ultra-high stability.

The ilocktm blade holder also allows easy loading and unloading of small blades (see Fig. 4-31).

blade holder

Fig. 4-31 blade holder

2) The ultra-high metal removal rate and lower cutting force brought by the super dense tooth milling cutter and high feed capacity make it an efficient solution.

3) Ultra small size blade, but with 4 cutting edges, low cost per edge can be obtained.

4) Provide clonal eh interface.

Coromant eh provides great tool flexibility and reduces tool inventory and machine downtime.

(4) Application

1) High feed surface milling rough machining and cavity machining.

2) Ramp milling capacity.

3) Diameter: φ 13~ φ32mm。

4)IC05: apmax =0.85mm。

5)IC07: apmax =1.2mm。

(5) Performance:

Case study: coromill ®  415 processing Ti5553m, performance parameters are shown in table 4-11.

Table 4-11 performance parameters

toolCoromill415 20mm in diameter
Number of tool teeth Zn5
Tool life /min80

(8) Tycolo DoTriple-Mill multipurpose face milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

Dotriple mill milling cutter (see fig. 4-32) is designed with wedge-shaped groove positioning structure and firm blade locking, so that it can achieve higher productivity.

Square, octagonal and circular blades can be installed in the same tool base, and the appropriate blade shape can be selected according to different processing applications.

Dotriple mill milling cutter

Fig. 4-32 Dotriple mill milling cutter

(2) Product features

1) The blade is clamped rigidly and firmly with wedge-shaped groove positioning structure.

2) Reduce the shear force borne by the blade locking screw and the possibility of the blade being lifted.

3) The optimized blade structure can meet the processing requirements of stainless steel, high nickel alloy and high chromium alloy.

4) The square blade and octagonal blade can be used for finishing.

5) The neutral chip breaking groove blade can be used for both left and right hand Cutterheads.

6) Round blades can be used for fast feed and cavity machining.

(3) Application examples

1) Workpiece Name: turbocharger housing (see fig. 4-33).

turbocharger housing

Fig. 4-33 turbocharger housing

2) Workpiece material: GX40CrNiSiNb22-10.

3) Apply: face milling.

4) Machine tool: vertical machining center, BT50 sleeve type tool handle.

5) Cutting fluid: wet.

6) Tool bar: TASN13J100B31.7R08.

7) Blade: SNGU1307ANEN-MJ AH3135.

8) Cutting parameters: vc=100m/min, fz=0.17mm/z, ap=3.5mm.

9) Processing effect: the tool life is increased by 1.3 times.

(9) Kenner metal MEGA series heavy end milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

MEGA series heavy-duty face milling cutter is a sharp tool for heavy-duty machining.

Its mature technology and special blade structure design ensure that the maximum back feed of the cutter reaches 25mm (MEGA90).

In the machining process of locomotive engine machine, the excellent cutting capacity of MEGA heavy face milling cutter enables customers to obtain 100% improvement in machining efficiency and 100% improvement in tool life (see fig. 4-34).

machining locomotive engine cylinder block with MEGA90 face milling cutter

Fig. 4-34 machining locomotive engine cylinder block with MEGA90 face milling cutter

The blade of MEGA series heavy face milling cutter adopts the structural design of large rake angle, which reduces the cutting force by 30% compared with the traditional face milling cutter. The special structural design of cemented carbide tool pad ensures that the blade has good stability and anti fretting displacement ability when the tool has a large back feed, and ensures the safe cutting ability of the cutting blade.

The large chip removal space structure design ensures that the tool has enough chip removal space and the metal removal rate of the tool is 30% higher than that of the traditional face milling cutter.

MEGA series heavy end milling cutters are divided into four main deflection angles: 15 °, 45 °, 60 ° and 90 °.

Among them, MEGA15 can ensure large feed milling when the back cut reaches 6mm, which is the largest large feed face milling cutter in the world at present.

MEGA45 and MEGA60 have the maximum back cutting amount of 17mm and 21mm, which can ensure the metal removal and milling of the processed cast iron box with the minimum edge collapse.

MEGA90 has a maximum back cut of 25mm, and its cutting force is only 50% of that of traditional milling cutters.

Because the blade material adopts Kenner’s unique cemented carbide ingredients, it has excellent anti collapse ability, so it has a long tool life both in the case of a back cut of up to 25mm or in the case of severe cutting that only cuts the hard skin on the surface of the workpiece, providing a favorable guarantee for customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

(2) Machining example

1) Part name: locomotive engine block.

2) Part material: GGG50.

3) Cooling method: dry cutting.

4) Machining type: rough machining of cylinder block surface.

5) Machine tool: heavy floor boring and milling machine.

6) Tool: MEGA90D200C09LN22.

7) Blade: LNPU221012PNSRHD KCPK30.

8) Workpiece size: 6000mm × 1400mm × 1200mm long × wide × High).

9) Cutting parameters: vc=100m/min, f=0.54mm/r, ap=18mm, ae=150mm.

10) Tool life: 2 pieces / blade.

(10) Face milling cutter of Harbin First Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd

1. 6M1M series milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

6M1M series (see Fig. 4-35) cutters have three different tooth numbers, which can meet the needs of various processing quantities, especially suitable for processing short chip materials such as gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and malleable cast iron.

6M1M face milling cutter and blade

Fig. 4-35 6M1M face milling cutter and blade

(2) Product features

1) 60 ° main deflection angle, and the maximum back cutting amount is 7mm.

2) Diameter range φ 80~ φ 400mm。

3) Axial and radial positive rake angle, easy to cut.

2. 5CKK/5JKK series milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

5CKK/5JKKseries milling cutters (see table 4-12) can be installed with 2 different blades:

When installing LSE435R-100 blade, the milling cutter forms double negative rake angles, which are used to process high-strength materials and materials with sand inclusion;

Install LPE435R-100 blade to form a negative positive front angle, which is used to process stainless steel and other materials (see Fig. 4-36).

Table 4-12 5CKK/5JKKk series milling cutters

Tool model 5CKK 5JKK
Main deflection angle / (°)6090
Diameter range /mm φ125~  φ315 φ 160~ φ 315
Maximum back cutting amount /mm1215
blade model

Fig. 4-36 blade model

a)LSE435R-100  b)LPE435R-100

(2) Product features

1) Vertical structure, suitable for heavy load cutting.

2) Equipped with L seat, it has strong impact resistance and is not easy to be damaged.

3) Equipped with polishing blade, the machined surface roughness value is small.

3. 6F2K series milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

6F2K series milling cutters (see fig. 4-37) are used to process surfaces with high requirements for surface quality, such as machine tool guide rails, machine tool worktables and other planes requiring good parallelism, flatness and small surface roughness.

The cutting edge of the fine blade is elliptical, which can eliminate the influence of the inclination of the milling machine spindle.

6F2K series milling cutter

Fig . 4-37 6F2K series milling cutter

(2) Product features

1) The maximum back cutting amount is 0.3mm.

2) Diameter range φ 100~ φ 500mm.

3) It can feed and finish milling at high speed, and the feed of each tooth can reach 2~4mm/z.

4) There are also plane finish milling cutters that can be used for back chipping, which are suitable for occasions requiring back chipping, such as step surfaces.

4. MR01 series milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

MR01 seriesmilling cutter (see fig. 4-38) is a circular blade profiling surface milling cutter, which is suitable for plane rough machining and semi precision machining, outer contour machining, cavity machining, profiling machining, vertical insert milling and other machining forms with large chip discharge.

MR01 series milling cutter

Fig. 4-38 MR01 series milling cutter

(2) Product features

1) Diameter range φ 63~ φ 160mm。

2) R value range R6~R10mm.

3) The round blade series with anti rotation blade system has 8 small planes, which can be clamped into the blade seat to ensure that the blade will not rotate during processing, improve stability and ensure the safety of processing.

5. MM01 series milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

MM01 series milling cutter (see fig. 4-39) is a newly developed interchangeable and multifunctional universal face milling cutter.

The corresponding modules can be replaced according to different working environments to realize various functions such as square shoulder milling, plane milling, chamfer milling and profiling milling.

MM01 series milling cutter

Fig. 4-39 MM01 series milling cutter

(2) Product features

1) Diameter range φ 200~ φ 630mm。

2) It can be freely converted between horizontal and vertical installation and various main deflection angles by replacing different modules.

3) It has strong impact resistance and is not easy to be damaged.

(11) Sanhan 45 ° double-sided spiral edge milling cutter

(1) Product introduction.

The 45 ° double-sided spiral edge milling cutter is suitable for efficient and high-precision machining of various sizes of planes.

It has wide versatility and high cost performance.

It can hold two kinds of blades to the same blade positioning groove.

The blade is a double-sided square blade with 8 cutting edges and a double-sided octagonal blade with 16 cutting edges.

As shown in Fig. 4-40, it is a 45 ° double-sided spiral edge milling cutter.

45 ° double-sided spiral edge milling cutter

Fig. 4-40 45 ° double-sided spiral edge milling cutter

a) Assembly drawing of face milling cutter

b) milling insert

(2) Product features

1) Right angle screw clamping ensures higher clamping rigidity and safety.

2) Dense tooth design, high machining efficiency.

3) The maximum back cutting distance of square blade is 5mm, and that of octagonal blade is 3mm.

4) One cutter head is equipped with 2 kinds of blades, which is suitable for rough machining, semi finishing machining and finishing machining.

5) It is very economical and can be used with 8 corners and 16 corners respectively.

6) Equipped with polishing blade, high quality surface quality can be achieved.

7) Cutter head diameter is φ 40~ φ 315mm, full coverage of large and small planes.

(3) Application examples

1) Part: injection molding machine template.

2) Application cutter head: H-SOSF45-8/16-D200-14-60R.

3) Application blade: ONMU060506-HWS9080.

4) Injection molding machine template parameters: template (long × Width) 1200mm × 1200mm, workpiece material: die steel.

5) Machine tool used: Mazak horizontal machining center.

6) Cutting parameters: vc=150m/min, fz=0.15mm/z, ap=1.5mm.

7) Blade life 18 pieces / blade.

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