5 Typical Products of Heavy Duty Turning Tools And Their Applications

Heavy load turning is very different from ordinary machining technology, and its characteristics also determine the structural characteristics of heavy load turning tools.

Heavy duty turning tools have three types of structures: Organic clip type, indexable type and modular type.

Today, I’d like to introduce some typical products in common use.

(1) Heavy duty turning blade

Sandvik chroman has a series of heavy-duty turning blades, cromantcapto C10 tool handles, square tool handles, inlaid collets and other products (see fig. 3-80).

At the same time, Sandvik chroman has also introduced a variety of groove shapes for the full range of feeding to optimize the effect of chip breaking and chip control.

In addition, with the unique 4000 series materials of Sandvik clonman, it can maintain efficient production and stable tool life.

heavy duty turning series products

Fig. 3-80 heavy duty turning series products

Selection and application of products: Generally speaking, these products of Sandvik croman are often used for heavy-duty processing with low cutting speed, large feed and large back feed under the dry or wet cutting conditions of sleeping cars and vertical cars.

The appropriate blade can be selected according to the corresponding processing parameters.

Taking SCMT380932380932 blade as an example, when it is necessary to select a suitable groove shape, there are three different feeding areas:

(1) XL groove shape can break chips within the range of small feed rate.

(2) XM groove requires a large feed rate. In most cases, when f = 1.4 ~ 1.8mm/r, it performs well.

(3) XH groove needs to start from f = 1.7mm/r to break the large feed groove.

For these blades, the back cutting amount can reach more than 10mm each time.

(2) Pipe peeling tool

1. Product introduction

Shangao supplies the cylindrical peeling cutter bar (see Fig. 3-81), PSFNR/L xxxx-Rxx-N/P is generally applicable to the size of 20mm × 20mm, 25mm × 25mm and 32mm × 32 mm tool bar.

It can provide the required inclination and operation rotation direction for flat blade and arc blade.

outer circle peeling knife bar

Fig. 3-81 outer circle peeling knife bar

Shangao supplies positive and negative angle blades for outer circle peeling processing.

Negative angle blade: snmx 15, 19, 25 and SNMA 19 have three different groove shapes, and the peeling radius is 7 ~ 200mm.

Positive angle blade: SDUX19 blade is specially used for stainless steel and high-precision machining.

The peeling radius is 8 ~ 100mm.

Shangao provides 2 sets of processing schemes for outer circle peeling:

(1) Provide peeled rings for pipes with an internal diameter of 14 ~ 260 mm.

(2) For specific high-speed applications, provide inner hole vertical mounted peeling blades.

All blades are made of shangao’s optimized material grade and groove shape, so they are particularly efficient and economical.

The shangao tool can shorten the downtime of peeling application and achieve a longer tool life. Both the surface roughness and radius accuracy make the weld have higher quality, so the tool cost is reduced.

2. Application examples

1) Objective: to extend tool life and reduce premature blade breakage.

2) Parts: pipes.

3) Part material: stainless steel.

4) Tool: PXFNR2525M19.

5) Blade: SNMX190916VF-R25,TP40.

6) Application: the stainless steel pipe is peeled on the steel pipe milling machine (the welding quality of the pipe is quite good, and there is 2 ~ 3mm additional material in the radial direction).

7) Cutting parameters: vc=65m/min,ap=2mm.

8) Processing effect: the tool life is extended by 20% to 120min.

(3) Tung turn heavy load turning tool

1. Product introduction

The Tung Turn turning tool (see fig. 3-82) is designed with tangential installation.

Three types of high-strength blades are suitable for heavy-duty turning with large back cutting capacity and removal of surface oxide layer.

A variety of chip breaking and material settings are suitable for efficient processing with high metal removal rate of steel, stainless steel and other materials.

TungTurn turning tool

Fig. 3-82 TungTurn turning tool

2. Product features

(1) Tangential mounting design, high blade strength.

(2) The 4-point blade has excellent economy.

(3) The streamlined cutting edge treatment has low cutting resistance and is suitable for irregular cylindrical turning.

(4) The blade adopts premiumtect coating technology, with long tool life.

3. Application examples

1) Workpiece Name: roll.

2) Workpiece material: 70Cr3Mo.

3) Application: cylindrical turning.

4) Machine tool: heavy duty lathe.

5) Cutting fluid: dry.

6) Cutter bar: TLANR3232P16.

7) Blade: LNMX160612R-TDR T9125.

8) Cutting parameters: vc=60m/min,ap=5mm,f=0.6mm/r.

9) Cutting effect: the tool life is increased by 1.5 times, and the chip control is ideal.

(4) New heavy load turning HU6 round blade

1. Product introduction

Walter’s new HU6 round blade (see fig. 3-83), sintered tiger · tec ®  Silver indexable blade adopts a new groove shape and is specially developed for medium rough machining and heavy cutting rough machining of integral wheels and forgings.

The most important innovation is the special shaped chip chute, which can achieve perfect chip forming and finally break chips within the required range.

The most reliable element of the new round blade tiger · tec ®  Silver coating.

Walt also offers six sizes with diameters ranging from φ10 to φ32mm.

The handle of HU6 can be connected to Walter Capto ™ Turning tool bar.

Tool change is fast and can transfer higher cutting force.

Walter's new Hu6 round blade

Fig. 3-83 Walter’s new Hu6 round blade

a) Round blade

b) Partial enlarged view of round blade

c) Processing site drawing

2. Application examples

1) Part: train wheel.

2) Workpiece material: ER7.

3) Machine tool: MAG HESSAP.

4) Machine power: 2-100kW.

5) Turning tool bar: customized turning tool bar.

6) Turning blade: RCMX320900 HU6 WPP20S.

7) Application: rough turning and fine turning of wheel profile.

8) Internal cooling pressure: 6Mpa.

9) Cutting parameters: ap=8 ~ 10mm, vc=140m/min, f=1.50mm/r.

10) Processing effect: Hu6 has the best groove shape for train wheel processing, with good chip control and 28 pieces of blade life.

The service life of the blade is 40% longer than that of the blade used before.

(5) Bundle magic turning tool

Heavy turning means large back cutting, large feed, and machining rough and irregular surfaces to be machined.

Sumoturn developed by iska is mainly a large-size turning blade with high toughness alloy brand and specially designed chip breaking groove, as shown in fig. 3-85.

bundle magic turning tool

Fig. 3-85 bundle magic turning tool

1. Features

(1) The blade with large positive rake angle and enhanced blade shape design makes the cutting process lighter and faster than that of general heavy turning.

(2) The p-type lever clamping structure makes the chip discharge more smoothly.

(3) The alloy brand of TiCN+Al2O3 CVD composite coating is added to the cobalt rich layer on the surface of the strong and tough matrix, which ensures the characteristics of super toughness and plastic deformation resistance in machining, and can be used for heavy-duty cutting under various cutting conditions.

2. Application examples

See Fig. 3-86 for the actual application of beam magic heavy-duty turning tool.

heavy load series processing of bundle magic turning tool

Fig. 3-86 heavy load series processing of bundle magic turning tool

1) Cutter bar model: PCLNL 4040S-25.

2) Blade model: CNMM 250924-H5P.

3) Cutting parameters: vc=150m/min,f=1.2mm/r,ap=10mm.

4) Workpiece material: AISI 1045.

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