8 Typical Products of Thread Turning Tools And Their Applications

The scene of thread machining is complex and changeable, and tools with different characteristics are often used.

Today we will take a look at the typical products of thread cutters and their application examples.

(1) Tooth thread blade

1. Product introduction

Thread turning tool is a kind of vehicle tool with thread profile.

Simple structure and good universality.

According to the processing method of thread, thread cutting tools can be divided into thread cutting tools and thread rolling tools.

The company mainly produces thread cutting tools, including external thread turning tools, internal thread turning tools and thread comb tools.

2. Features and advantages

Universal V-shaped thread blade the same kind of blade can process threads with the same sharp angle and different pitch;

Ensure more correct tooth depth, bottom diameter and top diameter, and ensure the high strength of the thread;

The profile of the blade thread is close to or equal to the final thread profile.

3. Application examples

The product application status is shown in fig. 3-67.

product processing status

Fig. 3-67 product processing status

1) Processed material: 45 steel (hardness 40~50HRC).

2) Processing requirements: thread M24 × 3-6g, 28mm long.

3) Machine tool: CNC lathe.

4) Tool: SER2020K16T.

5) Blade: 16ER3.00 ISO EP1425.

6) Cutting parameters: n = 1000r/min, f = 3mm/r.

7) Result: the tool life is 150 pieces / blade.

(2) Modular die – external thread machining tool

The pipe thread modular die (patent pending) of horn has two sizes of G3/4in and G1in.

It is a simple switching system composed of a basic tool holder and five independent blades.

In case of wear, only the blades in the basic tool holder need to be replaced, thus avoiding the secondary grinding work normally required.

For the previously required integral carbide cutting ring for cutting pipe threads, it weighs about 275g when the size is R3/4in.

In contrast, the total weight of cemented carbide of the five cutting blades in the new system is only 23g.

This also means that expensive cemented carbide raw materials are only used on the blade (good steel is used on the cutting edge).

The basic tool holder has the same mounting dimensions as the carbide cutting ring, so it is suitable for existing machine tools.

The safe wedge-shaped clamping unit and independent tool holder of the cutting blade are made of tool steel, with outstanding strength and damping characteristics, which can significantly improve the tool life of customers and greatly improve production efficiency.

When the tool reaches the service life limit, it is not necessary to replace the whole die, just the blade.

If one or more cutting edges are damaged, each relevant blade can be replaced separately, which can also significantly reduce the cost.

There are strict requirements for the cutting edge of the tool.

The material meets the EU 98/93EC standard.

When processing new grade brass containing a small amount of lead or without lead, the processing effect of the modular die is very satisfactory.

Modular dies of various sizes are shown in fig. 3-68.

modular dies of various sizes

Fig. 3-68 modular dies of various sizes

(3) Thread machining – New Comb cutter bar

1. Product introduction

Sango supplies thread comb cutter bar.

The cutter square dimension of CER3232P1-X or CER3232P5-X comb cutter bar is 32mm × 32mm.

After installing the comb thread blade, the API thread can be processed.

CER3232P1-X is used to install a blade with a length of 15.875mm, and CER3232P5-X is used to install a blade with a length of 25mm.

The positioning accuracy of these two kinds of tool bars is very high.

Hard alloy positioning pins are used for positioning both axially and radially, and pressing plates are used for locking at the top and axially.

Using the shangao comb cutter bar and the shangao comb thread blade, API can be processed_ RD_ XXXX and API_ BUTRESS_ XXXX and GOSTOTTMXXXX threads provide great convenience for thread processing in the oil and gas industry.

What is more worth mentioning is that Yamaguchi has also launched comb cutter bars with internal and external threads of Capto interface, C6-CER/CNR-XXXX, C8-CER/CNR-XXXX;

The comb cutter head GL50-CER/CNR-XXXX, which can be replaced quickly, is also introduced.

It is believed that with the continuous updating of technology, the shangao thread comb cutter rod will have a broader application.

2. Application examples

1) Part: coupling.

2) Workpiece material: VM95-SS.

3) Tool:CER3232P1-X.

4) Blades: API_ RD_ 10TPI_ TUB_ EXT_ 1,CP250T。

5) Cutting fluid: external cooling.

6) Application: external thread turning.

7) Cutting parameters: vc=89m/min, f=2.54mm/r, ap=0.24mm.

8) Machining effect: the tool bar has good performance, and the surface roughness of the workpiece has been significantly improved.

The product is shown in fig. 3-69.

thread comb cutter bar

Fig. 3-69 thread comb cutter bar

a) Cutter bar

b) Assembly status

(4) Corothread ™  266 thread cutting tool

1. Product introduction

CoroThread ™  266 (see fig. 3-70) is the preferred high rigidity indexable blade tool for all types of thread machining.

The blade is locked on the guide rail of the tool pad, which can obtain high stability and high rigidity, so as to realize precise, consistent and high repeatability thread processing;

The blade movement is close to zero in the feed and opposite directions.

CoroThread ™  266 tool

Fig. 3-70 CoroThread ™  266 tool

2. Product characteristics

When the blade is cutting, there is always an axial force in the feed direction.

When the cutting edge of the blade is still in contact with the workpiece near the end of the tool feeding, there will also be axial force in the opposite direction of the feed direction.

The unique interface between the blade and the blade seat eliminates the possible blade movement caused by the change of cutting force, as shown in fig. 3-71.

unique interface

Fig. 3-71 unique interface

3. Application examples

The tool positioning accuracy comparison test is shown in fig. 3-72.

CoroThread ™  266 compared with products A, B and C in 3 markets.

positioning accuracy comparison test

Fig. 3-72 positioning accuracy comparison test

Accuracy test:

Force application: 0.1 ~ 1.0kN;

Test and compare through two directions: cutting force direction 1 and opposite direction 2.

CoroThread ™  266:

Direction 1:0.02 ~ 0.03mm;

Direction 2:0.04 ~ 0.06mm.

Market product a:

Direction 1:0.10 ~ 0.13MM;

Direction 2:0.13 ~ 0.14mm.

Market product B:

Direction 1:0.02 ~ 0.03mm;

Direction 2:0.5mm < (severe deformation).

Market product C:

Direction 1:0.20 ~ 0.25mm;

Direction 2:0.23 ~ 0.32mm.

The results of life comparison test are shown in fig. 3-73.

life comparison test

Fig. 3-73 life comparison test

a) Direction 1

b) Direction 2

Application examples are as follows:

1) Material: SS2541.

2) Linear speed: 125m/min.

3) Number of machining tools: 12.

4) Machining length: 80 mm.

5) Part diameter: 140 mm.

6) Blade model: R166.0G-22V381-0402、266RG-22V381A0402E.

7) Blade material: GC4125, GC1125.

8) Tool life comparison: 33 pieces / blade, 66 pieces / blade.

9) Results: the tool life was increased by 100%, and better part surface quality was obtained.

(5) CoroCut ®  XS thread machining tool

It is used for precision thread machining in the machining of small parts with workpiece diameter ≤ 32mm, especially in the application occasions where the tool is close to the workpiece shoulder and in the longitudinal cutting machine tool.

It is also used for cutting, grooving and turning.

The product is shown in fig. 3-74.

CoroCut ®  XS tool

Fig. 3-74 CoroCut ®  XS tool

Product features:

(1) All blades can be used for the same tool bar.

(2) The blade has simple transposition and good accessibility.

(3) The cutting edge is sharp.

(4) Low cutting force.

(6) CoroCut ®  MB internal thread machining tool

It is used for internal thread processing of small workpieces.

It is used for internal hole thread processing with an internal hole diameter greater than 10mm. It has a V-shaped or full tooth internal thread groove.

All blades can be used together with steel or hard alloy tool bars, as shown in fig. 3-75.

CoroCut ®  MB app status

Fig. 3-75 CoroCut ®  MB app status

Product features:

(1) Safe and reliable clamping mode.

(2) High accuracy of blade repeated positioning.

(3) High tool accessibility.

(4) It has a very reasonable chip removal method, which can deal with the chip problem well.

(7) Turning thread series

1. Product introduction

Tycolo tungthread series thread turning tools (see fig. 3-76) have industry standard product configurations, rich types of thread inserts and excellent cutting performance.

There are a complete series of cutting tools for thread machining in various industries.

tungthread series thread turning tools

Fig. 3-76 tungthread series thread turning tools

2. Product features

(1) Industry standard product categories, with a variety of thread cutting blades.

(2) The price is highly competitive, and the m-grade blade with chip breaking groove has excellent cost reduction results.

(3) Excellent cutting performance, high machining accuracy, good chip breaking and removal effect.

(4) AH725 is the first recommended material for general use, with excellent wear resistance.

3. Application examples

1) Workpiece Name: joint.

2) Workpiece material: SUS304.

3) Application: external thread turning.

4) Machine tool: CNC lathe.

5) Cutting fluid: wet cutting.

6) Cutter bar: CER2525M16DT.

7) Blade: 16ER15ISO AH725.

8) Cutting parameters: vc=100m/min,f=1.5mm/r.

9) Cutting times: 11 times.

10) Cutting effect: the tool life is increased by 1.2 times.

(8) “Thin” thread blade

The “Thin” thread blade product is shown in fig. 3-77.

Fig. 3-77 “thin” thread insert

1. Tool tip form

As shown in fig. 3-78, the tool tip is equipped with a pressing chip breaking groove, which has excellent chip breaking performance, effectively controls chip cutting and reduces process monitoring.

The tool tip is sharp, the cutting force is small, and the generation of chip buildup tumor is inhibited. Suitable for viscous or work hardened materials.

tool tip form

Fig. 3-78 tool tip form

2. Blade grade

YBG20 nc- TiAlN coating is combined with ultra-fine particle strength and toughness matrix, which is suitable for fine turning, semi fine turning and rough turning of superalloys of all kinds of machined materials.

Ybg205 ultra-fine TiAlN based nano coating is added with wear-resistant and high temperature resistant rare elements, which greatly improves the comprehensive performance.

Tungsten carbide based cemented carbide with fine grains has high hardness and toughness.

Special surface treatment technology can remove harmful stress and reduce surface roughness value at the same time.

It is especially suitable for cutting stainless steel materials.

3. Application cases

1) Workpiece: pipe joint (processing application is shown in Fig. 3-79).

application status

Fig. 3-79 application status

2) Processing content: external thread.

3) Equipment: CNC lathe.

4) Material: stainless steel 304, hardness 180 ~ 220hbw, diameter 20mm.

5) Blade used: YBG205/RT16.01W-14WPB.

6) Cutting parameters: VC =100m/min.

7) Processing effect: the number of processed workpieces is as high as 800, while there are only 450 similar products in the market.

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