Top 10 Mud Pump Manufacturers in 2022


Country: China

Founded: 1937

About the company:

Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is an R&D and manufacturing enterprise of petroleum drilling and production equipment affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation, a R&D and manufacturing base of onshore oil rigs and series of mud pumps, a R&D and manufacturing base of wire ropes for important occasions and a supplier of electric control equipment for drilling rigs, and a backbone enterprise of research, development and manufacturing of petroleum drilling and production equipment in China.

Baoji Petroleum Machinery Factory, the predecessor of Baoshi Machinery Company, was founded in 1937.

In 1953, it transferred the petroleum system, reorganized and established a limited liability company in 2002, and became a one-man limited liability company solely funded by China National Petroleum Corporation in 2008.

The company has 11 functional departments, 9 directly affiliated institutions and 16 secondary units, including Xianyang Baoshi Steel Pipe and Wire Rope Co., Ltd., Chengdu Equipment Manufacturing Branch of Baoshi Machinery, Baoji Baoshi Special Vehicles Co., Ltd., Xi’an Baomei Electrical Industry Co., Ltd., Baoshi Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Brazil Baoshi Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd., Baoshi Machinery Offshore Petroleum Equipment Branch Baoshi Machinery Thermal Engineering Branch is an equal (subsidiary) company.

The company mainly designs and manufactures 1000-12000 meters of nine levels and four driving forms of conventional land drilling rigs, polar drilling rigs and offshore drilling rigs, offshore drilling and production platform equipment and offshore platform general contracting, 500-3000 horsepower series of drilling pumps, well control wellhead equipment, special vehicles, steel pipe ropes, large-diameter roller bits and other drilling and production equipment supporting products, electrical control, unconventional oil and gas equipment and emission reduction equipment.

The products cover more than 50 categories, more than 1000 varieties and specifications, and are exported to 61 countries and regions in the Middle East, America, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, etc.

The company has the technical strength to lead the R&D and manufacturing direction of China’s oil and gas drilling equipment industry.

It is a contractor of the National Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, and an enterprise that undertakes the work of the secretariats of two national standardization departments (the National Drilling Rig Standardization Department and the National Offshore Drilling and Production Equipment Standardization Department).

In accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and API Spec Q1 standards, the company has established a sound quality management system, adhering to the principle that “obtaining certification is a commitment to customers; maintaining efficient system operation is a fulfillment of customer commitments”.

In 1995, the company took the lead in passing the ISO9001: 1994 quality system certification of DNV in the industry.

In 1998, it passed the dual certification of ISO9001: 1994 and API monogram products of American Petroleum Institute.

In 2001, it passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

In 1982, it passed the API monogram certification of American Petroleum Institute.


Country: China

Founded: 1961

About the company:

Dezhou United Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the south section of Jinghua Avenue, Dezhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shandong Province.

Founded in 1961, it was originally a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopec Nova Petroleum Company.

It was restructured as Dezhou United Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. on June 30, 2004 and renamed as Dezhou United Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. on June 9, 2017.

The company mainly provides oil drilling, oil production tools, petroleum equipment and engineering services.

It has advanced product processing and testing equipment, and has obtained API, ISO9001 (DNV) HSE and other system certifications.

Its products cover major domestic oilfields, and are exported to many countries and regions.

It enjoys a high reputation in the international and domestic petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Adhering to the business philosophy of honesty and multi win, the enterprise firmly promotes the implementation of the strategy of “building world-class screw drilling tools” and continues to provide first-class products and services for the international oil and gas development industry.

3. Zhingzhuang

Country: China

Founded: 1987

About the company:

China Geological Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhingzhuang Group”) was established in 1987.

It was originally affiliated to the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Land and Resources.

In 1999, it joined China National Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China National Machinery Group”) and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Machinery Group.

The headquarters of Zhingzhuang Group now has 10 functional departments, 3 business divisions, 1 national recognized enterprise technology center and 1 industry office.

The Group has 9 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 1 holding company, 1 joint-stock company and 1 wholly-owned institution, which are distributed in North, East, Southwest and Central China.

As a manufacturer of large-scale geological special equipment in China, Zhingzhuang has always been at the forefront of industrial technology development in recent years, giving full play to the social responsibility of large state-owned enterprises and the role of the main force in the industry.

Zhingzhuang Group, relying on the four leading product segments of drilling machinery, drilling and production tools, geophysical instruments and analytical instruments, provides the whole industry chain equipment for the geological exploration industry.

Its products cover the main geological exploration processes such as geophysical exploration and measurement, geological drilling coring verification and geochemical analysis and testing, and expand from geological exploration to engineering construction, disaster management, oil and gas drilling and production, environmental protection and safety, etc.

It mainly includes drilling machinery (core drilling rig, truck drilling rig, water well drilling rig, engineering drilling rig, mud pump, drill tower, drilling rig accessories, etc.), drilling and production tools (drill pipe, drill bit, bottom hole drilling tool, miaoyan needle, artificial diamond and its products, cemented carbide and its products, etc.), geophysical instruments (gravity, magnetic, electrical, seismic, radioactive and downhole instruments, etc.) R&D, manufacturing and sales of analytical instruments (atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, mercury analyzer, flow injection analyzer, rapid solvent extraction instrument, etc.).

The application fields of the products cover geology, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, coal, petroleum, nuclear industry, national defense, construction, water conservancy and hydropower, transportation, environmental protection and many other industries.

The total production capacity and market share are in the forefront of the domestic geological equipment manufacturing industry, and are developing toward intelligence, informatization and high precision.

Based on long-term development and facing the needs of national resources, energy, environment and construction, Zhingzhuang Group has accelerated its transformation and upgrading by improving manufacturing, developing services, expanding trade and exploring projects, and gradually formed a coordinated and efficient industrial structure layout with complete chain, safe structure, outstanding advantages, so as to build a “new Zhingzhuang”.


Country: China

Founded: 2003

About the company:

Zhongman Oil and Gas Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongman Oil or Zhongman Group, abbreviated as ZPEC), headquartered in the new area near the port of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, is an international well-known comprehensive oil and gas company focusing on the field of oil and gas.

On November 17, 2017, PetroChina was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and successfully landed in the A-share capital market (stock code: 603619).

The company takes oil and gas exploration and development, integrated drilling and completion engineering technical services as its core business, drives the development of high-end petroleum equipment manufacturing business, and actively expands relevant high-tech and value-added businesses;

The above businesses are mutually coordinated, pulled and developed in a coordinated manner, which makes China and Oman form three integration advantages, namely, integration of wellbore technology services;

Integration of drilling engineering services and petroleum equipment manufacturing;

Integration of exploration and development with drilling engineering services and petroleum equipment manufacturing;

It is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, with 251 patents for invention and utility model.

The company’s business covers the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, North Africa and other places.

Its main customers include PetroChina, Sinopec, BP, Shell, Russian Gas, Russian Oil, Novatek, Petronas Malaysia, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Weatherford and other internationally renowned oil and gas companies, which have passed the Saudi Aramco drilling supplier qualification review.

Since 2017, the company has actively expanded the upstream industrial chain and made great progress in transforming to exploration and development business.

It is a private enterprise that has obtained the exploration right of domestic oil blocks and declared oil reserves to the state.


Country: USA

Founded: 1925

About the company:

MISS1ON was founded in 1925. Its initial goal was to create products conducive to oil well drilling, such as replaceable fabric reinforced rubber piston, which is still one of the commonly used piston types in today’s drilling.

MISSION owns various patents from mud pump hydraulic end parts to pipeline handling tools and reset relief valves.

In terms of designing, supplying and supporting drilling fluid equipment, hydraulic end consumables, fluid delivery systems, hydraulic end modules and accessories, MISSION is a leader in the industry and provides services to customers around the world.

The high-quality mud pump is responsible for helping maintain the drilling mud circulation of the whole drill string and is an important part of the complete set of equipment.

MISSION mud pump brands and models, such as F-1000, FD-1600, 12-P-160 and 14-P-220, have high performance, easy maintenance and durability, and can meet the requirements of Qike.

These field proven models are rated between 500 and 2200 horsepower.

MISSION’s extensive mud pump product line also includes national P series and mainland EmscoFD series and F series.

MISSION’s configurable choke manifold design provides an economical and effective choice for your drilling rig application.

MISSION provides options that comply with API Standard 53 and API Spec16C, and provides customization options.

It can provide product quotations in less than one day.

MISSION can design, manufacture, test and install complete manifold components, including NOV local and remote operation panels inside or outside the driller’s room.

NOVMISSION centrifugal pump series provides a wide range of innovative functions for dealing with grinding and corrosion applications of various conventional or yellow engraving.

In addition, MISSION pumps are designed for a variety of flow rates, from a few gallons per minute to thousands of gallons per minute, giving you more flexibility in your application choices.

6. Nanyang erji

Country: China

Founded: 1969

About the company:

Nanyang Erji Petroleum Equipment Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Nanyang Petroleum Machinery Plant of Henan Petroleum Exploration Bureau of Sinopec Group (the former No. 2 Petroleum Machinery Plant of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry), was restructured on June 26, 2004, from the original state-owned enterprise to a limited liability company, and changed to a joint-stock company on January 18, 2016.

The company is a national localization base for major technical equipment, a localization base for light oil drilling rigs, a national innovative enterprise, a high-tech enterprise, and a high-tech enterprise of the Torch Program.

The company has National Petroleum Vehicle Equipment Standardization Department, National Certified Enterprise Technology Center, Academician Workstation, Postdoctoral Research Workstation and other institutions.

The company’s products include 12 series and more than 200 varieties of truck mounted drilling rigs, modular mounted drilling rigs, trailer mounted drilling rigs, workover rigs, and logging equipment.

Especially in the 1990s, the concept of portable drilling equipment characterized by rapid transportation and operation automation was boldly put forward and put into development.

The 3000m truck mounted drilling rig developed earlier won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award;

The 4000m truck mounted drilling rig and 4000m trailer mounted drilling rig developed meet the high-end needs of users for large tonnage self-propelled drilling equipment and provide advanced equipment for industrial drilling.

At the same time, the company is also committed to the research and development of unconventional oil and gas equipment and oil and gas exploration and development equipment that meet the special environmental needs of oceans, deserts, tidal flats, rainforests and low temperatures (polar regions), and continues to improve the mechanization and intelligence of equipment.

Early developed full hydraulic coalbed methane drilling rig, providing a new solution for global coalbed methane development;

It has developed a series of low-temperature drilling rig products that meet the environmental requirements of – 45 ℃ to – 60 ℃ earlier, and exported them to high-end markets such as Russia and Canada in batches;

It has developed a small module helicopter hoisting rig to meet the needs of tropical rainforest environment, as well as a vehicle orange integrated rig, a vehicle mounted (towed) rig without strings, etc., to meet the special customization needs of users.

At the same time, the company is also committed to the research and development of unconventional oil and gas equipment and oil and gas exploration and development equipment that meet the special environmental needs of oceans, deserts, tidal flats, rainforests and low temperatures (polar regions), and continues to improve the mechanization and intelligence of equipment.

At present, while maintaining the leading product in the industry, the company is actively carrying out oilfield drilling, cementing, logging and other engineering technical services, striving to build the enterprise from the current domestic advanced oil drilling and production equipment manufacturer to the international advanced oil and gas complete equipment system integration and service provider.

7. Honghua

Country: China

Founded: 1997

About the company:

Honghua Group is an overseas listed company under China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, and is positioned as the main platform for energy equipment development of aerospace science and industry.

As a world-renowned manufacturer of land drilling and production equipment and an exporter of large land oil rigs in China, Honghua Group is mainly engaged in manufacturing traditional land drilling rigs, CNC drilling rigs, drilling rig accessories and parts for drilling rigs or drilling rig maintenance in operation.

With its strong R&D capability, high-quality production facilities and mature international sales network, about 80% of its products are sold to famous enterprises around the world, including major oil producing regions such as North America, the Middle East, and emerging markets such as South America, India, Russia and Africa.

On the solid basis of the existing land drilling equipment, Honghua Group has implemented diversified development and grown into a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the interactive development of land and ocean fields, equipment manufacturing, oil and gas resources development (especially unconventional oil and gas fields) and engineering services.

In the future, Honghua Group will carry out in-depth cooperation with Aerospace Science and Engineering in high-end energy equipment manufacturing and oil and gas field services, play a synergistic effect in technology research and development, project implementation and market expansion, and become an internationally advanced equipment manufacturing enterprise in the oil and gas industry.

8. Flowserve

Country: USA

Founded: 1790

About the company:

Founded more than 200 years ago, Flowserve now has more than 300 offices worldwide, more than 17500 employees, including more than 180 quick response centers, to provide customers with after-sales parts and services.

In addition, Flowserve offers more than 100 pump models and a range of valves and seals.

Flowserve delivers, controls, and protects the flow of materials in the world’s most critical industries – including oil and gas, renewable energy, chemicals, power generation, and water.

Based on its product line, engineering, project management and service expertise, Flowserve helps global customers solve the most critical flow control challenges.

Flowserve has an excellent product, engineering and after-sales service portfolio that can help customers achieve tangible business results: reduce operating costs, optimize performance, extend equipment life, reduce risk and improve productivity.

Flowserve is committed to providing global customers with excellent flow control solutions, making the world a better place and benefiting everyone.

9. Ebara

Country: Japan

Founded: 1912

Products: Water pump, mud pump, circulating pump, submersible pump, centrifugal pump, booster pump, vacuum pump, deep well pump

About the company:

Since 1912, Ebara is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebara, a Japanese company, mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of pump products, refrigerators and HVAC equipment.

Ebara Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise of Ebara Manufacturing in China. It was established in Beijing in 2006 and is committed to serving the development of China with advanced Ebara products.

The company takes customer needs as its own responsibility, and provides users with optimized overall solutions in multiple directions.

At present, manufacturing bases have been set up in Beijing, Yantai and Zibo, covering many fields such as construction, industry and municipal water conservancy, providing customers with world-class general-purpose pumps, customized pumps, water supply units, water treatment and other products and services.

The company not only carries out sales and services in the Chinese market, but also undertakes the supply of products to Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other markets, becoming an important part of the global business of recommending original products.

10. Sanlian pump

Country: China

Founded: 1996

About the company:

Sanlian Pump Group, with a 60 year history of growth, is a company integrating the R&D, manufacturing, sales, services and overall solutions of various types of industrial pumps.

The group consists of Sanlian Pump Co., Ltd., Anhui Solide Casting Co., Ltd., Kubotian Sanlian Pump (Anhui) Co., Ltd., Anhui Pfik Motor and Electric Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sanlian Pump Co., Ltd Jiangsu Huanfa Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries.

Sanlian Pump Group is a high-tech enterprise, which has passed ISO9001 quality system and coal mine safety system certification;

ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, and China Energy Conservation Product Certification.

Sanlian Pump Group has more than 700 employees and assets of nearly 500 million yuan.

The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, with convenient transportation and smooth logistics.

Sanlian Pump Industrial Park covers an area of nearly 500 mu.

It is a new garden style modern chemical plant integrating factory buildings, office buildings, employee apartments and fitness venues.

The Group has Anhui Special Pump Engineering Technology Research Center, has established postdoctoral research workstation, has more than 700 sets of advanced production equipment, R&D and testing center with “I” accuracy, power of 4000kw, flow of 30000m3/h, is one of the largest pump testing centers in China, and the testing products comply with ISO, ASME, API, GB, JIS and other national and international standards.

The Group has a strong foundry industry, including resin sand molding, medium frequency electric furnace smelting, spectrum direct reader and various physical and chemical testing equipment.

Sanlian Pump Group Co., Ltd. has established more than 60 sales and after-sales service outlets nationwide, and the perfect network system provides customers with convenient and fast services.

The products are mainly used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, water conservancy and municipal administration, nonferrous minerals, electric power and light industry, coal, fire protection, environmental water treatment and other industries.

At the same time, they undertake various domestic and foreign BOT/EPC projects, and provide equipment maintenance, repair and general contracting services for various industrial and mining enterprises.

Looking forward to the future, opportunities and peach wars coexist.

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “people-oriented and win-win”, Sanlian people are committed to the common development of people and enterprises, taking into account the interests of shareholders, enterprises, employees, customers and society, carrying forward the corporate culture of “acting with integrity, doing things with integrity, and making products with integrity”, seeking truth, being pragmatic, pioneering and innovative with new products, excellent quality, and perfect after-sales service advantages, through the development strategy of merger and expansion and strong combination, they will build Sanlian Pump into an innovative enterprise in the pump manufacturing industry.

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