Top 10 Printing Machine Manufacturers in 2022

1. Heidelberg

Country: Germany

Founded: 1998

About the company:

Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a trusted and innovative partner in the global printing industry for many years.

For more than 160 years, it has always represented high quality and future oriented vitality.

This means that Heidelberg not only has a long history, but also benefits from leading technology and innovative business ideas, and also helps the printing industry establish the future development trend.

Heidelberg’s goal is to shape the digital future of the printing industry.

Heidelberg is being built into an enterprise that provides end-to-end digital services to help printing enterprises achieve their own digital transformation.

On the road of future transformation, the most important point is how to use these data intelligently on the basis of digital connection and networking of client devices.

Heidelberg has always been focusing on customer needs, providing customers with value-added solutions, helping them improve production efficiency, improve profitability and achieve commercial success, which is the primary goal of the company.

Heidelberg Company optimizes the product structure according to the business growth blocks of the printing industry.

From pre press, printing to post press processing, to after-sales service, printing materials and software solutions, the entire product structure focuses on the development of digital future.

In particular, Heidelberg has outstanding performance in services and software, laying a solid foundation for digital transformation.

The most important thing is that Heidelberg will integrate individual products, build an end-to-end and productive solution for customers, give full play to this potential, and improve productivity and profitability for customers and Heidelberg itself.

With the support of big data, create an intelligent, end-to-end system that includes all business resources such as equipment, software, services and printing materials.

Heidelberg has been able to carry out digital networking with customers and printer operators, providing them with a fully equipped and productive system.

With the new digital business model, customers’ interests are aligned with the company’s interests.

To this end, from the company’s interests, it is also necessary to ensure the success of customer enterprises.

Heidelberg is also expanding new markets beyond the printing industry.

For example, it has successfully entered the electronic mobile market with power electronics technology.

Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Chengdu, and its assembly plant in Asia was established in Qingpu, Shanghai in 2006.

As of the fiscal year 2018/2019, Qingpu Plant has produced more than 9000 printing units.

The equipment assembled by Qingpu Plant not only meets the needs of Chinese printing enterprises well, but also covers 34 countries around the world.

2. KBA

Country: Germany

Founded: 1817

About the company:

KBA has been inspiring the world since 1817.

With the innovative technology guiding the industry, KBA has constantly broken through itself in printing and related fields, creating new world records.

In 2017, KBA launched the Koenig&Bauer brand at the important moment of its 200th anniversary, opening its third century of development with a clear development strategy and a new market outlook.

As one of the printing press manufacturers with a long history and large scale in the world, KBA can customize innovative solutions for almost all application needs.

The diversification of products enables KBA to have proprietary technology in many printing technology fields, and has the superb ability to transform users’ ideals into reality.

As the leader of the printing industry, KBA has penetrated into every corner of life.

KBA can be seen on cosmetics container packaging, iron can packaging, carton packaging and even small snack packaging.

Not only that, KBA accounts for 90% of the global market share of banknotes and securities, and 80% of the global share of metal printing.

Its global share of full sheet machines, packaging, and rotation is also significant.

At the same time, KBA also occupies a quarter of the global market share of sheet fed offset printing machines.

For a long time, what KBA has adhered to is not only the spirit of innovation, but also continuous research, providing after-sales service guarantee for customers, and helping customers improve the excellent quality of production performance.

At the same time, KBA can also complete the observation of each printed sheet through online quality control, and strive to provide customers with good use quality through KBA’s deep foundation, good printing quality and effective production efficiency.

For a long time, KBA has been working as a printing expert to create solutions for customers’ needs, so that customers can feel the advantages of precision, flexibility, diversity and innovation.

KBA has more than 7500 printing presses operating in more than 5000 printing enterprises worldwide.

It is no accident that KBA has been able to occupy so many market shares.

It has been adhering to the concept of innovation for so many years.

Through the joint efforts of sophisticated employees and trustworthy business partners, it has successfully combined customer needs and advanced technology, innovated endlessly and met customer needs, and joined hands to welcome the future of printing.

With hundreds of years of innovative spirit and calm and perfect product services, KBA has continued to take root in the Chinese market, gained many valuable experience and friendship from the industry, and brought KBA’s multi-directional printing and packaging solutions, intelligent and customized products and services to everyone, vividly interpreting the essence of KBA’s concept of “high-end” and “customized”.

Let users feel the advantages of precision, flexibility and innovation in a practical and sincere way.

As an international large-scale enterprise, KBA has formed a complete network system of design, production, sales, technical support and after-sales service around the world.

With the continuous development of China’s business, KBA also pays more and more attention to users’ requirements for after-sales service.

So far, KBA has successively established a sound after-sales service system and spare parts warehouse in Shanghai, Dongguan and Hong Kong, and trained a group of strictly trained engineering and technical personnel to ensure the safe and effective operation and production of KBA’s equipment.

KBA Service 4.0 is a comprehensive embodiment of KBA’s high-end services.

It provides users with a variety of services such as full machine inspection and maintenance, upgrading and transformation, remote maintenance, spare parts, equipment relocation, and process plan, which has been highly praised and affirmed by users.

KBA will continue to provide users with various technical support and high-quality after-sales service, and continue to work together with Chinese users to create the future.

3. Komori

Country: Japan

Founded: 1923

About the company:

Komori Corporation was founded in 1923.

The basic concept of our company when developing products comes from the creativity and conception of users.

Komori’s goal is to strive to provide users with satisfactory products and considerate services.

Komori always adheres to a principle: Komori printing presses must have outstanding product quality and excellent stability.

Today, Komori has grown into a world-famous printer manufacturer.

As a multinational enterprise, Komori tirelessly focus on providing high quality products and services, which makes users feel strongly shocked, and make due contributions to the cultural, social and economic fields.

“Moving, surpassing expectations” is the standard standard for the company to measure the level of white body service.

Komori pays attention to the training of outstanding talents and devote a lot of energy to implementing effective environmental protection measures.

The goal is to provide users around the world with exciting high-performance printing presses.

Komori (Shenzhen) Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Komori Co., Ltd. of Japan in China.

Komori wholeheartedly focuses on serving the Chinese market and strive to create an excellent printing environment.

4. Manroland

Country: Germany

Founded: 1921

About the company:

Headquartered in Offenbach and Augsburg, Germany, MAN Roland has 6500 employees worldwide, an international network spanning nearly 250 countries, and more than 140 marketing and service centers.

Its web offset press, sheet fed offset press and digital printing system are the main production equipment for commercial printing and packaging printing of publications.

MAN Roland Group applied for bankruptcy protection on November 25, 2011.

On February 1, 2012, Langley Holdings plc, a British engineering group, took over the flat sheet printing machine business of MAN Roland AG.

The acquisition of Langley Holdings Co., Ltd. includes the production plant of MAN Roland in Offenbach (including all real estate) and the marketing agencies in more than 40 countries around the world.

So far, the reorganization of MAN Roland has been completed and officially divided into three parts: the flat sheet printing machine production plant in Offenbach was taken over by Langley Holdings, a British engineering group, and MAN Roland Flat Sheet Printing System Co., Ltd. was established;

The rotary printing machine production plant located in Augsburg was acquired by Posehl Group, and MAN Roland Rotary Printing System Co., Ltd. was established;

The spare parts production plant in Praun will establish a long-term supply relationship with Poser Group, and the plant will be fully utilized.


Country: Japan

Founded: 2014

About the company:

RMGT was jointly invested by Lyubi Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Printing Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. (current company name: Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Mechanical System Co., Ltd.) and was established in January 2014.

In the initial three years, RMGT inherited and integrated the advantages cultivated by Riyoubi Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Printing Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., and committed to expanding the product portfolio and strengthening the development ability, manufacturing ability, sales and service ability.

On the occasion of the IGAS 2015 exhibition, the initials of the company name “RMGT” were taken as the company’s logo, and the mechanical design was completely revised.

With the slogan of “Creating a Colorful World Together” and customer-oriented, RMGT will establish a reliable relationship with all people in the printing industry, such as printing groups, manufacturers, vendors and cooperative companies of materials and peripheral devices, as an important part of its development.

The company’s LED-UV printing system, which was first applied in the offset printing field in the world in 2008, is one of its achievements.

In order to solve the problem that ink drying troubles customers, RMGT relys on our technical strength to jointly develop and improve with customers, bringing innovation in the printing field.

In the future, RMGT will also take the enterprise concept as the benchmark, give greater play to our technical and creative capabilities, continue to innovate and create, establish a reliable trust relationship with customers, respect multiple values, and devote ourselves to providing goods and services beneficial to the printing industry.

Make contributions to creating a colorful society!


Country: Switzerland

Founded: 1890

About the company:

BOBST is one of the world’s leading suppliers of substrate processing, printing and processing equipment and services, providing services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and tile carton industries.

BOBST was founded by Joseph Bobst in 1890 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Its business covers more than 50 countries, with more than 5800 employees worldwide in 19 factories in 11 countries.

BOBST’s new industry vision is committed to shaping the future of the packaging world, which is a profound change and can help processors better meet the new and key requirements of brand owners.

BOBST’s vision is to shape a new reality, in which connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability are the cornerstone of packaging production.

BOBST will continue to provide high-quality machines, and is now adding more intelligence, software functions and cloud based platforms to make packaging production better than ever.

Brand owners, large and small, are facing pressure from local and global competitors and changing market expectations.

BOBST is faced with many challenges, such as shorter time to market, smaller batches and the need to establish consistency between offline sales and online sales.

The current packaging value chain is still very fragmented, and each stage in its process is isolated into multiple islands.

The new requirements hope that all key participants have an “end-to-end” perspective.

Printers and processors want to eliminate waste and errors in production operations.

BOBST aims to guide the packaging industry to make a profound and timely transformation, making the entire production chain more flexible and sustainable.

BOBST has built this transformation around four main pillars: connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability.

7. Goss

Country: China

Founded: 1939

About the company:

Goss Graphic Printing System (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Goss)

(China), affiliated to Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., is a printing equipment manufacturer established in 1939 and 1958 (state-run Shanghai People’s Machine Factory).

In October 2012, the factory relocation project between Goss (China) and Minhang District, Shanghai was officially launched.

The enterprise moved from No. 286, Yunling East Road, Shanghai to No. 903, Jiangyue Road, Shanghai (Caohejing Development Park).

The land area is 141 mu, with a total investment of 400 million yuan.

In the past 20 years, the company has developed rapidly.

By mastering the international leading professional printing technology, modern enterprise management experience and international innovation concept, it has rapidly grown into a leading and leading enterprise in today’s printing equipment manufacturing industry.

Today, Goss (China) has 506 technical patents, including 421 patent technologies applied by the United States Patent Office, of which 168 are advanced patent technologies in the industry.

8. Msterwork

Country: China

Founded: 1995

About the company:

Founded in 1995 and listed on Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market (stock code: 300195) in 2011, MK is a global printing equipment manufacturing equipment supplier.

The company is committed to promoting the technological progress and service innovation of printing equipment manufacturing to continuously improve the production efficiency and packaging process level and realize the sustainable high-quality development of the industry.

Recently, MK has 1800 employees, and its business covers more than 80 countries and regions around the world, serving nearly 10000 customers.

The product line covers more than 70 products in seven series, from gravure printing machine to inkjet printer, gilding machine, die-cutting machine, laser die-cutting machine, pasting machine, and inspection machine.

It can provide customers in the fields of cigarette packs, wine packs, drug packs, food packaging, electronic packaging, and daily chemical packaging with high-precision, high-speed, highly automated professional and personalized packaging production solutions from printing to post printing, from single sheet paper to web paper, Wabang paper.

In addition, on the basis of sticking to the main business of high-end equipment manufacturing, Evergreen gave full play to its capital market advantages, continuously integrated high-quality resources in the industry, and built a high-end printing equipment block.

Through open cooperation with partners in the ecosystem, service innovation, it continued to empower customers and promote the healthy development of the industry.

9. Amsky

Country: China

Founded: 2006

About the company:

Amsky Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Amsky) was established in 2006 and successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Growth Enterprise Market in 2016, with the stock code of 300521.

Green printing technology covers the traditional manufacturing industry, returns nature to nature, and makes the world a better place.

Recently, Amsky has mastered three core technologies: laser technology, piezoelectric inkjet printing technology and precision motion control system.

Amsky has 5 patents for invention, 97 patents for utility models and 50 software copyrights.

After more than ten years of technology accumulation and development, Eskay has become a well-known enterprise in the global CTP (direct plate making machine) industry, and its products cover the world.

In the future development, Eskay will constantly explore and apply the three core printing technologies, replace the traditional material reduction manufacturing with additive manufacturing, subvert the traditional manufacturing industry with digital, intelligent and green printing technologies, make dreams come true, and become a world famous brand in the field of industrial printing.

10. Jinbao

Country: China

Founded: 2001

About the company:

Zhejiang Jinbao Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Pingyang, Wenzhou, the coast of the East China Sea with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, was founded in 2001.

It is a high-tech innovative enterprise with a series of screen printing machines as the leading and auxiliary equipment as the supporting equipment, integrating scientific research and development, production, sales and service.

After years of concentrated operation, it has become a professional, full range and large-scale screen printing machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise in China.

For more than ten years, it has kept forging ahead, and now we have become the pride of the screen printing machine industry and the shining star of China’s screen printing equipment.

The products not only cover more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, but also are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Australia and China.

Now it has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, the leading products have passed the CE certification, and the enterprise has the right to export.

The company is the standing director unit of Wenzhou Printing Association and the vice chairman unit of China Screen Printing Industry Association.

The company insists on promoting the core competitiveness of the enterprise with corporate culture, so that the enterprise can establish a good social image in the development.

“Going far, we will return and pursue endlessly”, Zhejiang Jinbao Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to make unremitting efforts to show the charm of Made in China to the world!

The company has established a management system to adapt to the market economy.

Guided by the market demand, the principle of “customer first”, the concept of “self-improvement, integrity, perseverance, and pursuit of excellence”, the company follows the pace of scientific and technological development.

After more than ten years of continuous development, the company has strong technical force, complete equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, perfect testing methods, stable product quality, and thoughtful after-sales service, It is your trusted partner.

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