Top 10 Slurry Pump Manufacturers in 2022

1. Flowserve

Country: USA

Founded: 1790

About the company:

Founded more than 200 years ago, Flowserve now has more than 300 offices worldwide, more than 17500 employees, including more than 180 quick response centers, to provide customers with after-sales parts and services.

In addition, Flowserve offers more than 100 pump models and a range of valves and seals.

Flowserve delivers, controls, and protects the flow of materials in the world’s most critical industries – including oil and gas, renewable energy, chemicals, power generation, and water.

Based on its product line, engineering, project management and service expertise, Flowserve helps global customers solve the most critical flow control challenges.

Flowserve has an excellent product, engineering and after-sales service portfolio that can help customers achieve tangible business results: reduce operating costs, optimize performance, extend equipment life, reduce risk and improve productivity.

Flowserve is committed to providing global customers with excellent flow control solutions, making the world a better place and benefiting everyone.

2. Sulzer

Country: Switzerland

Founded: 1834

About the company:

Sulzer is headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Founded in 1834, Sulzer is a global leader in the fields of pumps, surface treatment technology, chemical machinery, marine services, etc.

At present, Sulzer has manufacturing centers or representative offices in 140 countries, with more than 15500 employees worldwide.

Sulzer Pump is one of the four departments of Sulzer Group.

It is a global partner providing reliable and sustainable solutions for important application fields. It is famous for its high-quality products, reliable performance and innovative technology.

The company combines advanced research and development, detailed manufacturing process and rich application experience with a comprehensive understanding of market demand, so that it always maintains the advantages of technological development.

The global network covers more than 20 production bases and more than 180 service centers and sales offices all over the world.

It provides a full range of pump products, equipment and related technologies for oil and gas, petrochemical, power, water and sewage treatment, and pulp and paper industries.

3. Shuanglun

Country: China

Founded: 1952

Products: Fire pump, slurry pump, centrifugal pump, water pump, booster pump

About the company:

Founded in 1952, Shuanglun is a well-known pump brand in China, committed to providing high-quality and perfect fluid system solutions.

Shandong Shuanglun Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D and manufacturing of centrifugal pumps and complete sets of pumps, providing fluid system solutions for energy, chemical industry, metallurgy, water conservancy, transportation, urban construction and other fields, and enjoys a high reputation in industrial circulating water, urban water supply and drainage, rail transit, fire protection, HVAC and other fields.

Since 1952, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of “our work is to meet all the needs of users”, providing users with stable and reliable products.

On the basis of traditional accumulation, we will continue to make breakthroughs and innovations, and lead the industry in terms of product energy conservation and intelligence.

The company has built technology R&D and innovation platforms such as the National Certified Enterprise Technology Center, postdoctoral research workstation and the National Accreditation Laboratory (CNAS), and has more than 100 patents for inventions and utility models.

The company now has three manufacturing parks for general-purpose pumps, petrochemical power station pumps, and material molding, covering an area of more than 400000 square meters, and has the ability to independently manufacture the whole process from model making, casting, processing, assembly, and testing.

It has four subsidiaries (Shandong Shuanglun Emco Pump Co., Ltd., Shandong Shuanglun Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Shuanglun Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and Pangpai Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.), with more than 1000 employees.

There are more than 120 offices, more than 50 joint marketing and service institutions in large and medium-sized cities across the country, as well as many overseas offices in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, forming a global marketing and service network.

Shouldering the corporate mission of “creating customer value, realizing employees’ dreams, and sharing social responsibility”, the company focuses on sustainable development and provides users with products and intelligent system solutions.

4. Eastpump

Country: Chian

Founded: 1993

Products: Single stage pump, multi-stage pump, double suction pump, chemical pump, stamping pump, axial (mixed) flow pump, sewage pump, fire-fighting equipment, water supply equipment (including smart pump room), sewage equipment, waste water equipment, and whole process smart control system

About the company:

EastPump is a provider of domestic pump industry and related supporting products and system solutions.

It is a large scientific, industrial and trade enterprise group rooted in Shanghai and integrating scientific research, manufacturing, marketing and service.

In Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, we have modern water pump R&D, production and testing bases, covering an area of more than 1000 mu, with assets of more than 2 billion yuan, more than 1000 sets of equipment and more than 3000 employees;

Together with 12 core subsidiaries and more than 100 domestic and foreign strategic suppliers, it has built an integrated supply chain and independent industrial cluster with significant competitive advantages in R&D, quality control, cost and service.

In the fields of pumps, motors, valves, casting, non negative pressure, complete sets of equipment, control systems, environmental protection and energy conservation, we have provided more optimized solutions, more stable, reliable and competitive products and full life cycle services for hundreds of thousands of users in various industries in more than 20 countries and regions.

In many industries, such as water conservancy, municipal administration, construction, steel, power, mining, rail transit, heat supply, chemical industry, food, medicine, fire protection engineering, environmental protection, etc., we always “pump” smart energy, continue to play a key role, and gain countless trust and praise.

Through all-round, systematic, intelligent and customized solutions, we can meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers and make the use more efficient and convenient.

By continuously deepening long-term strategic cooperation with leading enterprises in various industries, we will actively participate in the South to North Water Diversion Project, the Yellow River water pumping project, the development of new energy such as oil and shale gas, the construction of venues for the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo, the construction of rail transit and airports in various regions, central heating and water supply, flood control and waterlogging drainage, farmland irrigation and other major economic and livelihood projects, and strive to improve our own brand image and market competitiveness, so as to promote the continuous upgrading of the industry, Towards the middle and high end of the global value chain.

Make the world a better place and make development stronger.

Eastpump continues to integrate technical resources, gather technical experts in the industry, hundreds of medium and senior engineers, professional and technical talents, join hands with well-known scientific research institutions, introduce, digest and absorb excellent hydraulic models at home and abroad, actively carry out independent research and development, adopt a series of advanced means such as three-dimensional product design, hydraulic CFD analysis and finite element analysis, theoretically solve the shortcomings of existing experience calculation, and constantly optimize product structure design, improve product efficiency and operation performance.

5. Wuerwu pump

Country: China

Founded: 1968

About the company:

Xiangyang Wuerwu Pump Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1968, is subordinate to China Ordnance Industry Group Co., Ltd.

It has three production bases, covering a total area of 750 mu (500000 m2), and has advanced casting, heat treatment, machining, inspection and testing equipment.

It produces 12000 special industrial pumps and 8000 tons of special steel castings annually.

Over the past 50 years, the company has served in phosphorus chemical industry, electric power, petrochemical, mining, metallurgy, pulp and paper making, shipbuilding, energy conservation and environmental protection and other industries, undertaken the research and development of a number of “national key new products”, made great contributions to the localization of key pumps, realized the stable growth of its own scale and benefits, and gradually developed into a large scale slurry pump manufacturing enterprise in China.

As a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, the company has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification, European Union CE certification, mining product safety mark certification, certification of major shipping societies, etc.

The company introduced the French pump design and manufacturing technology and the smelting and casting technology of special steel materials in 1986.

It is a pioneer in the research and application of duplex stainless steel materials in the domestic pump industry, and participated in the formulation of national standards.

Adhering to the combination of technology introduction and independent innovation, the company has successfully developed more than 20 series of special industrial pumps of more than 600 specifications to meet the personalized needs of customers in different industries, and its comprehensive strength is rising.

The pump industry actively responded to the national “the Belt and Road” initiative and continued to expand overseas markets.

Its products sold well in more than 30 countries and regions.

The company will continue to promote transformation and upgrading through innovation, optimize product design, create green, energy-saving, intelligent and highly reliable products, and devote itself to providing high-quality products and services for international and domestic customers.

6. SGB

Country: China

About the company:

Jizhong Energy Machinery Equipment Group Shijiazhuang Industrial Pump Factory Co., Ltd. (the former Shijiazhuang Industrial Pump Factory) is a large domestic professional manufacturer of slurry pumps integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service.

It has more than 70 years of machinery manufacturing history and more than 30 years of successful experience in the R&D and manufacturing of industrial pumps.

Since the successful transformation into the industrial pump manufacturing industry in 1989, the company has taken “serving the country, strengthening the enterprise and enriching the industry” as its own responsibility, adhered to the enterprise spirit of “daring to be the first, striving to be strong”, adhered to the development strategy of “rejuvenating the enterprise through science and technology, strengthening the enterprise through talents, and strengthening the enterprise through brands” and the business philosophy of “building the enterprise with integrity, and putting users first”, and made every effort to improve the modern management level of the enterprise, so that the enterprise has achieved sustainable and rapid development.

At present, the annual production capacity of the enterprise’s industrial pumps has exceeded 10000 sets, the market covers more than 30 provinces, cities and Baizhi District in China, and the products are sold in many industries such as power, steel, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, environmental protection, and waterway dredging, and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, accounting for more than 2000 strategic partner users.

The company adheres to the strategy of “prospering the enterprise through science and technology”, and wins and consolidates the leading position in the market with high-quality products.

The company is a high-tech enterprise and a provincial enterprise technology center, with a strong scientific research team and strong product research and development strength.

In addition, the company also maintains long-term technical cooperation with many famous scientific research institutes, which makes the company’s scientific research strength even stronger. In response to market demand, the company has successively developed a series of products such as slurry pump, desulfurization pump, chemical pump, multi-stage slime pump, wear-resistant double suction pump, marine pump, etc.

Because of its energy-saving, efficient, stable operation, long life and other characteristics, the company’s products are deeply loved by users and praised by the society, and are affectionately called “happiness pump” by users.

The company adheres to the strategy of “strengthening the enterprise with talents”, and the high-quality staff team provides a strong guarantee for the enterprise to continuously improve its market competitiveness.

After years of training, the company has a strong leadership team that stresses politics, has strong party spirit, has foresight, is brave to take responsibility, seeks the overall situation, and is good at making decisions;

There is a contingent of middle-level management cadres who are politically sound, have a hard work style, understand production, can operate, are skilled in business, and are good at management;

There is a team of scientific and technological talents who are enterprising, innovative, challenging, and good at research, and a team of skilled workers who are dedicated, disciplined, skilled, and tenacious.

They perform their respective duties, cooperate closely, and jointly undertake the important task and mission of promoting the scientific development of the enterprise.

The company adheres to the strategy of “strengthening the enterprise with brand” and the business philosophy of “establishing the enterprise with integrity and customer first”, and has established a good market brand image for the enterprise with strict quality control and advanced user service.

The company has established and improved various management systems, and has successively passed the GB/T19,001 Quality, GB/T24,001 Environment, GB/T28,001 Occupational Health and Safety, and GB/T19,022 Measurement Management System Certification.

At the same time, it has vigorously developed mass quality management activities and actively promoted TQM activities.

In the “Double Hundred Excellence” activity in Hebei Province, several QC team projects have won provincial awards.

At present, the company seizes the policy opportunities of “the Belt and Road” and “Made in China 2025”, and with a new attitude of more openness and cooperation, vigorously promotes the enterprise to strengthen its foundation, reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading, and is committed to achieving higher quality, more efficient and more sustainable development of the enterprise, striving to build the company into an industrial pump brand enterprise with international competitiveness by the end of the “14th Five Year Plan”.

7. Sanlian pump

Country: China

Founded: 1996

About the company:

Sanlian Pump Group, with a 60 year history of growth, is a company integrating the R&D, manufacturing, sales, services and overall solutions of various types of industrial pumps.

The group consists of Sanlian Pump Co., Ltd., Anhui Solide Casting Co., Ltd., Kubotian Sanlian Pump (Anhui) Co., Ltd., Anhui Pfik Motor and Electric Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sanlian Pump Co., Ltd Jiangsu Huanfa Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries.

Sanlian Pump Group is a high-tech enterprise, which has passed ISO9001 quality system and coal mine safety system certification;

ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, and China Energy Conservation Product Certification.

Sanlian Pump Group has more than 700 employees and assets of nearly 500 million yuan.

The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, with convenient transportation and smooth logistics.

Sanlian Pump Industrial Park covers an area of nearly 500 mu.

It is a new garden style modern chemical plant integrating factory buildings, office buildings, employee apartments and fitness venues.

The Group has Anhui Special Pump Engineering Technology Research Center, has established postdoctoral research workstation, has more than 700 sets of advanced production equipment, R&D and testing center with “I” accuracy, power of 4000kw, flow of 30000m3/h, is one of the largest pump testing centers in China, and the testing products comply with ISO, ASME, API, GB, JIS and other national and international standards.

The Group has a strong foundry industry, including resin sand molding, medium frequency electric furnace smelting, spectrum direct reader and various physical and chemical testing equipment.

Sanlian Pump Group Co., Ltd. has established more than 60 sales and after-sales service outlets nationwide, and the perfect network system provides customers with convenient and fast services.

The products are mainly used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, water conservancy and municipal administration, nonferrous minerals, electric power and light industry, coal, fire protection, environmental water treatment and other industries.

At the same time, they undertake various domestic and foreign BOT/EPC projects, and provide equipment maintenance, repair and general contracting services for various industrial and mining enterprises.

Looking forward to the future, opportunities and peach wars coexist.

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “people-oriented and win-win”, Sanlian people are committed to the common development of people and enterprises, taking into account the interests of shareholders, enterprises, employees, customers and society, carrying forward the corporate culture of “acting with integrity, doing things with integrity, and making products with integrity”, seeking truth, being pragmatic, pioneering and innovative with new products, excellent quality, and perfect after-sales service advantages, through the development strategy of merger and expansion and strong combination, they will build Sanlian Pump into an innovative enterprise in the pump manufacturing industry.

8. Naipu Mining

Country: China

Founded: 2005

About the company:

Naipu Mining Machinery is a listed company specialized in manufacturing heavy mineral processing equipment and wear-resistant spare parts for new materials, which integrates research, development, production, sales and service.

Its securities are referred to as Naipu Mining Machinery, and its securities code is 300818.

It provides customers with value-added services such as optimization of heavy mineral processing equipment, design, consultation and optimization of mineral processing processes.

The company is committed to the R&D and application of high-performance rubber wear-resistant materials and rubber composites to improve the performance, reliability and life of heavy mineral processing equipment, effectively save and reduce emissions, and comprehensively improve the operation rate and operating efficiency of heavy mineral processing equipment in mines.

The new polymer composite rubber materials developed by the company have many advantages, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, economy and environmental protection.

They have partially replaced traditional metal materials effectively, and have achieved good results in reducing the cost of consumables, energy conservation and environmental protection in mining operations.

9. ZGP

Country: China

Founded: 1967

About the company:

Sichuan Zigong Industrial Pump Co., Ltd. was founded in 1967 (transformed into a joint-stock company and registered in 2005), formerly known as Zigong Industrial Pump Factory, and is a key enterprise designated by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry to produce impurity pumps and corrosion resistant pumps.

After years of development, it has formed a pump manufacturing enterprise that integrates R&D, production, sales and general contracting services, with trash pump, chemical pump, clean water pump, hydraulic turbine, bottom thruster and other series of products as the leading products.

It is a large-scale industrial pump manufacturing base with complete varieties and specifications in western China.

Zigong Industrial Pump adheres to the core concept of harmony and unity among society, enterprises and employees, adheres to the values of “integrity, respect and professionalism” and the development concept of “technology first and quality first”, and is committed to providing customers with advanced fluid transportation equipment and perfect services.

The 1000~1800mm large evaporative circulating pump, single drive hydraulic turbine energy recovery device, 700~1500mm bottom mounted propeller and other products developed by Zigong Industrial Pump rank the advanced level in China. The full series of evaporative circulating pumps, slurry pumps, desulfurization pumps, mixed flow pumps, chemical process pumps, salting out axial flow pumps and MVR system pumps represent the advanced level of similar products in China, and have ISO9001 quality management system certification National industrial product production license, mining product safety sign certificate and other qualifications.

More than 30 patented technologies and 2 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards record the process of Zigong’s industrial pump people’s practice of “reaching the highest level and making great efforts together”.

As a high-tech enterprise, Zigong Industrial Pump has a research and development team and management team composed of a group of industry elites, a fluid machinery and engineering graduate workstation, and a provincial enterprise technology center integrating product research and development and design;

It has AOD hydrogen oxygen refining furnace, 5-meter CNC vertical lathe, CNC mirror milling machining center and other high-precision equipment, as well as high-speed dynamic balancing machine, spectrum fast analyzer, pump product inspection and testing center with strong detection capability in southwest China and other detection and testing equipment to ensure the excellent quality of products and continuous innovation.

Dream leads the future, striving to create brilliance.

In November 2015, Zigong Industrial Pump completed the overall relocation, reconstruction and upgrading of the enterprise.

The newly built industrial pump industrial park is located in Zigong National High tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of more than 400 mu, with a plant area of 130000 m.

Zigong Industrial Pump is showing its modern corporate image with a new look, and is striving to build a domestic advanced pump enterprise.

10. Kingda

Country: China

Founded: 1949

About the company:

Kingda Pump Group was founded in 1949.

Its predecessor was Shijiazhuang Hengda Iron Factory.

In April 1964, it was assigned to the factory directly under the National First Machinery Industry Ministry, renamed as Shijiazhuang Pump Factory of the First Machinery Industry Ministry;

In January 1972, it was renamed as Hebei Shijiazhuang Pump Factory; In April 2000, it was reorganized into Shijiazhuang Pump Group Co., Ltd;

In March 2006, it was restructured into Shijiazhuang Powerful Pump Group Co., Ltd.

In September 2015, Kingda Pump Group responded to the provincial government’s policy of manufacturing industry relocation, and invested to establish Kingda Pump Group Xingtang Pump Co., Ltd.

Invest 650 million yuan in Xingtang County, Shijiazhuang City to build a new R&D, design, manufacturing and sales base.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kingda Pump Group, Kingda Pump Group Xingtang Pump Co., Ltd. has taken leading the innovative development of China’s impurity pump industry as its business development goal since its establishment.

Kingda Pump Group Xingtang Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has continued the strong R&D and production and manufacturing capabilities of the Group, and has innovatively built four platforms on the original basis: green design platform, green manufacturing platform, green test platform, and green pump product life cycle analysis and management platform.

A large number of advanced production equipment have been added, and a domestic first-class large-scale pump test station has been newly built, with a test capacity of 37000m3/h and a test head of 1100m.

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