7 Typical Products of Grooving And Cutting Tools And Their Applications

Grooving and cutting is one of the most widely used processes in turning, and choosing the right tool is the top priority in machining.

Today we will introduce some typical products of cutting and grooving cutters.

(1) PCBN slotting cutter

1. Product introduction

Wald has unique design, simple structure, good rigidity, high precision and high cost performance (see fig. 3-43).

Walder can provide standard groove, profiling groove, snap ring groove, retaining ring groove, end ring groove and cutting groove according to different processing requirements.

Wald slotting cutter

Fig. 3-43 Wald slotting cutter

2. Application cases

1) Part: gear hub (see fig. 3-44).

gear hub

Fig. 3-44 gear hub

2) Part material: powder metallurgy.

3) Wald standard tool bar model: GTHL-C91-S2020.

4) Application: finishing.

5) Processing effect: compared with the original alloy slotting cutter, the service life of single edge is increased by 11 times, and the processing efficiency is increased by 3 times, as shown in table 3-25.

Table 3-25 comparison of processing parameters and processing effects of two PCBN grooving cutters

Blade MaterialOriginal alloy slotting cutterWalder PCBN slotting cutter PNH2018
Blade specificationGDFM0502N-040DMGTISL-W450T800R040P00
Cutting speed VC (m/min)56.52188.4
Feed rate f/ (mm/r)0.070.1
Cutting depth ap/mm0.15~0.20.15~0.2
Processing quantity / piece60710
Single edge life ratio (%)1001183

(2) Sentai inger grooving cutter

1. Product introduction

Sentai inger grooving cutter is mainly used for grooving or cutting the workpiece on the workpiece.

The special blade shape and processing conditions determine that the grooving cutter body must have sufficient strength support and ensure reliable pressing and positioning.

The grooving cutter can be divided into cylindrical grooving cutter, inner hole grooving cutter, end grooving cutter and cutting cutter.

2. Product features

(1) The blade is independently designed and developed to ensure the perfect fit between the blade and the blade body.

(2) The blade adopts V-shaped clamping system and proprietary clamping technology to ensure the blade clamping stability.

(3) The tool body is strengthened by strict heat treatment process and positioning surface to ensure strong support of the tool body.

(4) The reasonable working back angle can give full play to the service life of the blade.

(5) Arc cutting edge design of rake face, optimization design of tool tip strength and chip breaking groove design.

3. Application examples

1) Processed material: 45 steel (40~45HRC).

2) Processing requirements: the cutting width is 2mm and the cutting depth is 10mm.

3) Machine tool: CNC lathe.

4) Tool: QE020R0318.

5) Blade: QE30-EM EP1320.

6) Cutting parameters: vc=80m/min,f=0.1mm/r,ap=8mm.

7) Effect comparison after processing 500 pieces: as shown in fig. 3-45.

comparison of two products

Fig. 3-45 comparison of two products

a) Sentai inger products

b) General market products

(3) New six tooth cutter with new high performance coating

1. Product introduction

The new 64T six edge grooving blade (see fig. 3-46) is the latest member of horn grooving series.

The 64T type blade is precisely sintered and its groove shape is 00, the cutting width can reach 3.29mm (0.1295in).

As a central grooving blade, it can be used for square tool handles with internal cooling, and it is common for both left and right tool handles.

Tool handle size:

· 16mm×16mm(0.6299in×0.6299in)

· 2mm×2mm(0.7874in×0.7874in)

· 25mm×25mm(0.9843in×0.9843in)

The slotting blade is accurately fixed in place with high-precision locking screws, so that the blade reaches the precise center high dimension and ensures high processing reliability.

When the workpiece diameter is 65mm (2.5591in), the maximum groove depth of 64T blade is 3.5mm (0.1378in).

The new EG55 high performance coating can greatly extend the tool life, making the grooving blade very suitable for processing all types of steel and a variety of other materials.

Fig. 3-46 new 64T grooving blade

2. Application parameters

(1) Grooving and cutting, with the width of 1.0mm (0.0393in) and 1.5mm (0.0591in).

(2) Snap ring groove conforming to DIN 471/472 standard, with groove width of 0.57 ~ 3.29mm (0.0224 ~ 0.1295in).

(3) Use a full circumference blade with a radius of 0.5/0.6/0.8/1.25/1.5mm (0.0197/0.0236/0.0315/0.0492/0.0591in) for grooving.

(4) Duojustcut small part cutter

1. Product introduction

Duojustcut adopts an innovative intermediate locking positioning system (see fig. 3-47) to achieve firm locking rigidity, and each cutter bar can select three different types of blades according to different cutting diameters.

In addition, the optimized overhang length realizes stable and efficient machining.

The tool bar used for the machine tool countershaft belongs to the standard product, which further expands the application field in the processing of small parts.

duojustcut cutter

Fig. 3-47 duojustcut cutter

2. Product features

(1) Special locking system provides high rigidity and stability.

(2) Select the blade size according to the cutting diameter to obtain stable machining.

(3) The optimized overhang length can realize stable machining.

(4) The special locking design of the blade will not affect the use of the other tip even if the first tip collapses.

(5) SH725 is the latest generation of PVD material used on Swiss lathe, which can achieve extremely long tool life.

(6) The tool bar used for the auxiliary shaft of the machine tool belongs to the standard.

3. Application examples

1) Workpiece Name: torque limiter.

2) Workpiece material: alloy steel STKM-12C (JIS).

3) Application: cut off.

4) Machine tool: small automatic lathe.

5) Cutting fluid: oil cooled.

6) Tool bar: JSXXL1212X09-S.

7) Blade: JXPG12L15F SH725.

8) Cutting parameters: vc=120m/min, f=0.03mm/r, ap=2mm.

9) Cutting effect: 6052 pieces were finally processed, the tool life was increased by 1.3 times, and the chip was well controlled.

(5) Easymulticut deep groove cutter

1. Product introduction

Easymulticut is a multi-functional deep groove machining tool system (see fig. 3-48), which is suitable for cutting, grooving and turning of various materials.

The unique plug-in self-locking design improves the reliability of the tool, and the no upper pressing plate design makes the chip removal more smooth.

multifunctional deep groove machining tool system

Fig. 3-48 multifunctional deep groove machining tool system

2. Product features

(1) The shape of the front end of the tool can discharge the chips from the groove without causing clogging.

(2) The safety locking system of the blade can ensure the stability of grooving and transverse turning.

(3) The blade of one specification can be used for cutting, grooving and transverse turning of outer circle, inner hole and end face.

(4) Excellent surface precision and smooth chip removal.

(5) The most effective tool for deep groove machining of end face.

(6) CHP type tools can provide internal cooling.

3. Application examples

1) Workpiece Name: pipe fitting flange (see fig. 3-49).

pipe fitting flange

Fig. 3-49 pipe fitting flange

2) Workpiece material: C45 / 1045.

3) Application: end grooving.

4) Machine tool: CNC lathe.

5) Cutting fluid: water soluble.

6) Cutter bar: ETFR2525-4T25-120200.

7) Blade: ETX4-040 AH725.

8) Cutting parameters: vc=110m/min,f=0.08mm/r,ap=25mm.

9) Cutting effect: the ETX chip breaking groove can achieve excellent chip control, avoid the intermittent feed mode when using, save the cycle processing time, and finally achieve twice the processing efficiency.

(6) Tetraforcecut four corner groove cutter

1. Product introduction

Tetraforcecut has a precision grooving tool with four tool tips (see Fig. 3-50).

With a unique locking positioning system, it can obtain high blade locking rigidity and achieve long and stable tool life.

At the same time, the design of the blade seat can avoid the chip generated during machining from damaging the unused tool tip.

four corner grooving cutter

Fig. 3-50 four corner grooving cutter

2. Product features

(1) Innovative 4-blade cutting edge, excellent economic advantages.

(2) Precision grinding blade ensures high precision machining.

(3) Pressing three-dimensional geometric chip breaking groove, excellent chip control and smooth chip removal.

(4) Unique locking system ensures high reliability.

(5) The blade can be disassembled from both sides of the tool bar, which is suitable for use on Swiss machine tools.

(6) The groove depth is 1.0 ~ 6.4mm, and the groove width is 0.5 ~ 3.18mm.

3. Application examples

1) Workpiece Name: shaft tube (see fig. 3-51).

shaft tube

Fig. 3-51 shaft tube

2) Workpiece material: C45/S45C.

3) Application: cut off.

4) Machine tool: small automatic lathe.

5) Cutting fluid: oil cooled.

6) Cutter bar: STCR1212-27.

7) Blade: TCM27-300-040AH725.

8) Cutting parameters: vc=120m/min,f=0.15mm/r,ap=3.5mm.

9) Cutting effect: the tool life is 2500 pieces, extending the tool life by 3 times.

By increasing the feed speed, the production efficiency is increased by 1.5 times.

(7) Tungcut multifunctional slotting tool system

1. Product introduction

The tungcut multi-functional slotting tool system (see fig. 3-52) adopts innovative fastening mechanism and has excellent cutting performance.

A variety of blade groove shapes and blade materials can meet various high-efficiency machining such as grooving, cutting, turning, profiling and end face grooving of various workpiece materials for users in different industries.

tungcut multifunctional slotting cutter system

Fig. 3-52 tungcut multifunctional slotting cutter system

2. Features and advantages

(1) Safe and reliable fastening mechanism (see fig. 3-53).

Fig. 3-53 fastening mechanism

(2) Abundant types of chip breaking grooves.

(3) A variety of tool bar types.

(4) Stable tool life.

(5) The 7 kinds of blade materials are applicable to the processing of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, superalloy and quenched steel respectively.

3. Application examples

1) Part: bushing (auto parts, see fig. 3-54).


Fig. 3-54 bushing

2) Material: 100Cr6.

3) Application: cut off.

4) Cutter bar: JCTER1212-2T12(φ12mm×12mm).

5) Blade: DGM2-020-15R AH725(2mm).

6) Cutting parameters: vc=150m/min, f=0.05mm/r.

7) Cutting fluid: water soluble.

8) Machine tool used: NC horizontal CNC lathe.

9) Cutting effect: the tool life is 4500 pieces, which is 2.3 times longer than the original tool life.

(8) Beyond EvolutiontmTM tool

The design is simple, the performance is excellent, and the cost is saved.

In the field of grooving and cutting applications, Kenner metal’s Beyond EvolutiontmTM is such a product.

1. Patented triple V Technology

Adopting the top, bottom and back V-shaped tool holder support design, it has good stability in deep groove machining, end groove machining, lateral turning and profiling turning.

As a single head grooving and cutting tool product, Beyond EvolutiontmTM has better deep groove processing performance than double head series products, and has good interchangeability in various groove shapes and applications.

This product has more precise indexing tolerance and the latest in-line turning groove shape.

It also provides non-standard customized products with a width range of 1.4 ~ 10mm chip breaking groove and flat blade.

The cutting fluid acts directly on the cutting area through the cooling groove, which can effectively reduce the cutting heat and improve the tool life.

2. Scope of application

Beyond EvolutiontmTM‘s most prominent feature is a tool product suitable for various applications. Compared with other products, the inventory can be reduced by 35%.

Generally, when introducing new tool products, manufacturers usually focus on a single product series.

However, beyond evolutiontm products include a variety of materials suitable for dozens of application types.

A complete product series has better performance and can significantly reduce the processing cost.

3. Application cases

1) Industry: aerospace.

2) Workpiece Name: aircraft engine disk.

3) Workpiece material: IN718 alloy.

4) Processing technology: end face grooving.

5) Cooling mode: high pressure internal cooling.

6) Machine tool: vertical lathe.

7) Cutter bar: KM63TSKGMSR50CEVM50.

8) Blade: ER0400M04P00GUP.

9) Material: KCU10.

10) Cutting parameters: vc=41m/min,f=0.23mm/r,ap=0.127mm,L=203mm.

11) Cutting edge life: 40.40min.

12) Cutting performance: high rigidity. After cutting for 40min, the taper error of engine disc is only 0.001mm (25 μ m)。

No deflection change was found on the surface of the tested workpiece.

(9) Top notch grooving tool

1. Product introduction

Top notch grooving cutting tool is a mature, efficient and multi-functional metal cutting tool.

It can not only complete the turning of various grooves (seal ring groove, snap ring groove, tool withdrawal groove, end face groove and oil return groove, etc.), but also complete the turning of outer circle, inner hole, back turning, profiling and thread cutting.

It is a kind of multi-functional turning tool worthy of the name.

The top notch cutter has stable machining performance, accurate indexing performance and excellent blade clamping performance.

The adopted blade tension and compression locking structure effectively generates locking force from three directions, which can prevent displacement during high feed machining, thus ensuring the accuracy of the machined surface, improving productivity and prolonging the service life of the cutter.

At the same time, the blade with different width and size can be clamped on a tool bar.

The top notch slotting tool is equipped with different cutting blade materials for different metal materials, which can meet the cutting requirements of all metal materials in the whole series, especially in the cutting of hard materials and high-temperature alloy materials.

During the processing of parts after quenching, the processed sealing ring groove on the workpiece is often deformed due to the heat treatment deformation of the workpiece, resulting in the scrapping of the parts.

However, the scheme of using CBN inlay slot cutter to process the parts after heat treatment greatly reduces the scrap rate of the workpiece.

The machining of superalloy materials, especially the machining of some aero-engine casings, has always been a subject of difficult materials.

The service life of the tool can only be maintained at about 20min.

However, the machining efficiency and service life of the tool have been doubled by using the top notch slotting tool instead of the traditional tool.

2. Application examples

1) Part name: aeroengine case (see fig. 3-55).

aeroengine case

Fig. 3-55 aeroengine case

2) Part material: high temperature alloy.

3) Cooling method: external cooling.

4) Processing items: circlip groove, outer contour, cavity groove, etc.

5) Processing width: 3mm.

6) Machining depth: 3mm.

7) Tool bar: NSR3225P3.

8) Blade: NG3M300RK KCU10.

9) Cutting parameters: vc=60m/min, f=0.1mm/r.

10) Processing life: 40min.

(10) Overlord knife series groove turn

1. Product introduction

Bawang knife series can use one knife to complete cutting, grooving, left and right cylindrical turning, chamfering, profiling turning and other processing functions, as shown in fig. 3-56.

The front end and side of the blade are equipped with cutting edges, and the number of available edges of the blade is changed from 1 to 3, so that only one overlord knife can replace the previous work steps that required several knives, and the service life of the tool is greatly improved.

complex turning and grooving

Fig. 3-56 complex turning and grooving

The installation methods of iska overlord blade are paperback and vertical;

The clamping methods include up pressing type, screw type and self clamping type.

In addition, the cutting head is separated from the tool bar to form modules with various functions, so as to obtain a modular slotting tool with flexible combination of the tool bar and each cutting head.

2. Features

(1) Bawang tool has multi-directional turning function, which reduces the number of tools and tool change time, and greatly improves the production efficiency and production cost.

(2) Iska Bawang knife also adopts a multi-purpose blade.

Only one groove blade can complete the turning and grooving of the outer circle, the turning and grooving of the inner hole, and the turning and grooving of the end face.

(3) Heli-grip grooving blade with double head torsion design can be applied to a variety of processing, such as outer circle grooving, inner hole grooving and end face grooving.

It can avoid the machined side wall when processing deep grooves.

(4) There are many varieties and specifications.

There are two kinds of precision blades for pressing and grinding.

There are a variety of clamping methods.

The optional width of the blade covers a wide range.

The minimum width of the standard blade is 0.5mm.

Various non-standard blades can be made according to customer needs.

3. Processing examples

1) Part material: SAE1045.

2) Tool: HELIL3232-6T30.

3) Blade: GRIP6008IC808.

4) Cutting parameters: vc=150~200m/min, f=0.4mm/r, ap=3.7mm.

5) Action: Groove-Turn.

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